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The warmup is over, it is time to begin actually inspecting passports.

As the daily bulletin explains, inspection hardware has been installed. Press the triangle button in the bottom right corner of the screen to switch to inspection mode. Once in inspection mode, click on two pieces of information to have them compared. If they prove to be conflicting then further actions appear. Make sure to click on the exact piece of information and not just anywhere on the item.

One source of information in the rulebook. Make sure to learn how to navigate it quickly.

Preset entrants[edit]

The first entrant is a foreigner with valid papers, so accept them. The second has an expired passport, compare against the current time in the bottom left corner of the screen. The third is random. The fourth is an Arstotzkan citizen with valid papers. The sixth has valid papers, and a flier for "The pink vice".

As you start work on the seventh entrant, an entrant will jump the wall and cause a commotion that leads to the day ending prematurely.