Pikmin 2/Controls

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GameCube Wii Action
Neutral control (tilt fully) Nunchuk button
  • Move the leader
Neutral control (tilt slightly) Remote button
  • Move the cursor (aim to throw a Pikmin)
Neutral cstick Down dpad
  • Swarm
A button+(Left dpad or Right dpad) B button+(Left dpad or Right dpad)
  • Switch between Pikmin colors
Up dpad 1 button
  • Use the ultra-bitter spray
Down dpad 2 button
  • Use the ultra-spicy spray
A button A button
  • Punch
  • Pluck a planted Pikmin
  • Throw a Pikmin
B button B button
  • Whistle (hold to expand the radius of the whistle)
X button C button
  • Dismiss Pikmin
Y button Minus button
  • Change leaders
Z button Up dpad
  • Switch camera angle
R button Left dpad, Right dpad
  • Zoom camera (hold to change to perspective of the leader's eye level)
L button Z button
  • Center the camera behind the leader
Start button Plus button
  • Pause menu