Psychonauts/Asylum Tower

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The asylum has a few patients, and is also home to Dr. Loboto. However, the elevator is blocked by the guard, Crispin Whytehead, and you need to disguise yourself to get past him. However, you can get the disguise from three other patients, Gloria, Fred and Edgar before attempting to get past him.

Climbing the Tower[edit]

After getting the three required items, speak with Crispin at least once. You can then use the items to disguise yourself and head up the elevator.

The main enemies are rats that crawl along the walls and ground, and release confusion gas in a damaging suicidal attack. The best possible strategy is to turn invisible as soon as you hear squeaking, find the rats, and hit them with a ricochet bolt.

Walk up to the second floor, and head left. Jump over the gap, and head into the elevator shaft to climb back down to the first floor. Head up the collapsed floor and slide along the ceiling pole. Climb the rubble to reach the third floor, and up the stairs to the fourth.

The fourth floor begins to be a little crooked. Head outside, and climb along the outer wall in order to jump onto the sixth floor.

On the sixth floor, climb the spiral staircase to jump to the seventh. Jump on the bed to enter the inner seventh floor, which appears bent at a 90 degree angle. Climb into the door, and you should reach the slime pit room.

Use a levitating jump in this room to reach the main area. Climd the stairs to reach the outer checkerboard floor (or levitate jump directly), then climb a pole. You should be able to reach the outer wall again by climbing metal grating and going through open holes; climb this to the top to recah the upper section.

Walk along the sprial ramp, jumping across the gap to reach the bed. This will bring you to two rooms; use telekinesis to move the chair out of the way, and walk through the open door.

Climb up, and ride the pipe. Climb the outer wall again, and head to the elevator.

Upper tower[edit]

When you reach the upper tower, the first obstacle is a crow that makes a sliding staircase as you approach. Remove the crow with telekinesis or sneak past it with invisibility.

Climb up the ladder and reach the top of the tower; if you want, you can use a cutscene drop by approaching Dr. Loboto.

Collect the birthday cake, and use it to lure Mr. Pokeylope to the hole. Use telekinesis to pull him out and return to the top of the tower. To complete the plan, return to the lab, and move the brain into the psycho tank.

This is the point of no return - to ensure that you have all that's necessary for 100% completion, you should be exactly rank 98. The collective unconscious can show which mental locations don't have all the necessary pickups, but won't show if you missed any psi cards, psi challenge markers, or didn't complete all levels of the punching challenge in Basic Braining.

Shoot Lili to reach the final chapter.

Psi cards[edit]

Asylum Grounds[edit]

  • On the ladder
  • Left of the asylum main door
  • On the right balcony near the front
  • Two on outer fourth floor, on a broken part of the outer wall, other on the broken window.

Asylum courtyard[edit]

  • Near the elevator
  • Two on the path to Black Velvetopia

Lower tower[edit]

  1. First floor, behind wall of beds
  2. Second floor, in a side room blocked by a wooden barricade.
  3. In the elevator shaft, on top of the lower elevator.
  4. At the large hole for between the second and third floor.
  5. Next to the entry to the third floor.
  6. On the fourth floor, when outside and climbing up.
  7. On the fifth floor, on the outside.
  8. Sixth floor, located outside during the climb.
  9. Seventh floor, in the first side room
  10. Across from the first slime pit.
  11. After climbing from the floor of the slime pit room, found on the table.
  12. In the slime pit room, found on the remnant of a collapsed room.
  13. In the broken section of the tower, on a broken piece of the floor before the swinging poles.
  14. When climbing the metal grill in the broken section, found at the hole in the grill.
  15. After completely climbing the metal grill, on a ledge to the side.
  16. On an outside ledge of the tower, just after the penultimate warning.

Upper tower[edit]

  • Near the Raven trap
  • Dr. Loboto's lab

Psi Challenge markers[edit]

There are three psi challenge markers within the asylum:

  • In the asylum grounds: Jump up from the front gates of the asylum, near the milkman.
  • In the asylum courtyard: Found at the top of Edgar's room.
  • In the lower tower: In the upper section just before the two large rooms with windows. This is located on a heavy pipe - walk along the pipe as far as you can, and double jump to touch the marker.


Tower courtyard[edit]

There are three brains:

  • JT: Enter the gate, and turn to the left wall.
  • Frankie: Right of the blocked-off tower entrance.
  • Kitty: Left of the thorny entrance to Gloria's trophy room.


  • Milka: Near Fred Bonapart in a basket. Use invisibility and smash the brain.
  • Chloe: Above the sleeping area.
  • Maloof: Above the sleeping area, accessible by two swinging poles.
  • Chops: On the ledge near Black Velvetopia

Lower Tower[edit]

There are nine brains here:

  • Benny: Second floor, near the toilet. Smash the wooden barricades tot he right of the stairs to reach the brain.
  • Bobby Zilch: Second floor, after exiting the elevator and climbing the fallen floor. When you see the brown pipe that lets you slide across a gap, you should see a doorway on the left.
  • Elka: Fourth floor; after exiting the door outside, levitate jump to the broken floor above.
  • Quentin: In the slime pit room, jump along the arches until you reach the window.
  • Dogen: On a ledge outside of the tower. You can reach this by dropping from the ledge above, or by using the ledge directly above the stairs.
  • Phoebe: On a ledge outside of the tower in the broken room. When climbing the metal grill, you can use a hole in the grill to pass through the other side. Alternativly, use the nearby roof to reach the ledge.
  • Crystal: In the upper part of the broken room, after climbing the metal grill. Found on the ledge in the corner.
  • Clem: In the left of the two upper rooms with large glass windows. You can enter the left room through the hole in the ceiling.
  • Nils: Above two rooms; after riding the pipe and climbing the metal grating

Upper Tower[edit]

There are three brains here:

  • Vernon: Near the crow trap
  • Elton: At the top of the tower
  • Mikhail: At the top of the tower

Other items[edit]

  • A gold watch is on the fountain.