Psychonauts/Basic Braining

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At the start, the class is rushing out towards Coach Oliander's Basic Braining course. While you can speak with the characters in the surrounding area, there is not much room for exploration.

Head up the spiral staircase. You will receive Smelling Salts once you reach the top; this forces you outside of the Psychic World (with one exception) landing you outside.

Once you are ready, head inside the treehouse and speak with the Coach. When you are ready, he will open a psychic door and bring you inside his mind.

Obstacle Course 1 - The Trenches[edit]

73 Figments

This map is the introduction to the mental world. You start in the dental office, and need to punch a wall to continue. Run forward, jumping across the chasms. Later, the chasms become wider; you need to double jump across them.

You will see your first figment. These can be collected to upgrade your abilities; once you collected 100 points worth of figments, your Psi rank increases.

Next, you will see emotional baggage. The key is to the right. Collect it and return to get the baggage. Climb up the poles, and ladders until you reach the top. Jump down the other side.

In the cutscene, you will see Bobby push you down, only to be stopped from hitting some strange plants. You will be returned to the platform. From here, there are two routes (both of which must be crossed if you want to get all figments).

  • Climb the ladder to the other platform, and jump across the circling blimps.
  • Head into the secret tunnel below and behind. Jump across the platforms to reach the other side.

After either path, climb up the stairs, and shinny across the ledge.

Jump up into the trampoline to be thrown up to the next level. Climb the cargo net, starting from the right.

At the top, there is a minefield. You can help Dogen cross the minefield for arrowheads. Once across, climb up the flag pole and enter the plane. Smash the door open and jump out.

Figment locations[edit]

Obstacle Course 2 - The Cannon[edit]

79 Figments, 3 cobwebs, 2 vaults.

Pound the button to start the combat training. Punch the 20 targets; as the game progresses, they remain for less time and eventually appear for one second in the inner circle. You can repeat this area for more arrowheads, but need to score more points in less time (and must avoid hitting friendly targets as well).

Go through the gate, jumping and attacking the large enemy statue.

You will now enter the cannon area. Punch the first enemy, and run towards the newly raised wall to the left. Punch it, and run towards the next brick wall. Repeat until you get to the cannon. Once there, slam the boards and go in the hole.

Raise the flag pole, and slide down the tube.

Climb up the wall via the poles, swinging from pole to pole. Break open the wall, and climb up the tight ropes. Smash the wall open.

The emotional baggage is not as visible as other baggage. You need to climb onto a plane to see the key and baggage itself.

Go through the trapese area by swinging back and forth and umping across. You should eventually reach the rail area.

For best results on the rail:

  • Collect 5 figments, jump right.
  • Collect 2 figments, jump left.
  • Collect 2 figment (one behind an enemy), jump left.
  • Collect a figment, jump right.
  • Collect a figment, jump right.
  • Collect a figment, jump left twice to the far left rail.
  • Collect a figment, jump right.
  • Collect a figment, jump right.
  • Collect a figment, jump left.
  • Collect all remaining figments, and punch Bobby.

Figment locations[edit]

  • 6 in tube after the cannon.
  • 2 before the wall.
  • 4 on the wall.
  • 6 in tightrope area (1 is moving around)
  • 3 in trapeze area, before the first set.
  • 7 between the trapeze sets.
  • 15 on the rail.

Cobweb locations[edit]

  • In the wall area, before the tightropes.
  • Just before the first trapeze.
  • In the destroyed wall in the trapeze area before the rail (requires levitate).

Obstacle Course Finale[edit]

11 Figments, 2 Cobwebs.

The final area is filled with a log bridge. When you enter the first log, it begins to spin, requiring you to move across. While you should go as far across whenever possible, you can't go too far ahead when the logs are too steep.

If you step on the first log, then return to the starting platform, the chamber will reset to its original position. It will not recommence spinning if you use a levitating jump back on during the reset, which is not available if this is you first run through the course.

The two cobwebs are both before and after the last tunnel. You can't collect them now.

Once you are through, you'll notice the award chamber is empty. Head into the side room for the final cutscene in this area, where you obtain the merit badge.

Figment locations[edit]

  • 4 in first tunnel.
  • 3 in log chamber.
  • 4 in last tunnel.

Emotional Baggage locations[edit]

  • Obstacle course 1, near starting area. Key is located across the gap.
  • After shinnying across the ledge, look for baggage and its associated key, before jumping up.
  • In the cannon area, while crossing the field. Both key and baggage are en-route.
  • Key is located on top of the cannon.
  • In the trapese area. Key is in plain sight, while the purse is located by jumping onto the plane's tail and going through the plane's fuselage.

Vault locations[edit]

  • Obstacle course 2, after scoring 20 points in the combat area.

Real world[edit]

Once you return, you are given a button, and need to head to Sasha's secret lab. However, you need to collect at least 5 arrow heads for the two children that block the path. Arrowheads are recognized by a small purplish glow in the ground, and can be collected with the use key.

After paying the two children, you are free to head to the GDC area, or otherwise explore the main campgrounds.