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Defeating the monster[edit]

After obtaining the marksmanship badge, re-enter the brain tumbler and proceed with the experiment.

Climb up the ramp again, and shoot the monster. It will dissipate instantly.

Advance by going up and down the cliffs, until you reach the tower. There is a second vault at the bottom of the tower, which shows some memories Razputen did not have.

Climb up the tower. You will be stopped since you cannot levitate to the top.


You've previously collected:

  • 4 surrounding the gypsy caravan.
  • 4 outside the egg.
  • 16 leading up the ramp to the monster.

You cannot collect all figments in the map yet. You still need to obtain the levitation badge.

  • 5 between the monster and the first cliff
  • 11 above the cliff ledge
  • 5 after jumping down.
  • 13 after climbing up the second cliff, before the spire.
  • 12 at the base of the tower.
  • 5 climbing up the thorn path.


Type Tag Location
Purse Behind the egg Past the monster, in a corner
Steam Trunk On the ramp up to the monster Above the cliff, on the raised platform.
Dufflebag tag Climb up the first cliff, jump down the other side. At the second cliff, look for ledges on the wall that you can climb to the top.
Suitcase Half-way after jumping down. Climb up the second cliff, on a ledge on the right.
Hatbox Before the bathtub after climbing the second cliff. On the ground near the tower

Psi Cards[edit]

In Agent Nein's lab:

  • While walking down the stairs, you can see a psi card on the wall.
  • A psi cars is behind a screen in an examination chair.

In Agent Cruller's lab:

  • One is at the base.
  • One is on a set of platforms.