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When you visit Lili at the boathouse, she gets kidnapped. You need to follow and rescue her.


To reach the lungfish, step into the diving sphere. You will enter an air bubble, which allows you to survive without being caught by the water. Head down, and left to the frail walls. Climb up the stairs and ring the bell.


The lungfish will approach upon hearing the bell. She will first suck out the air, pulling items towards it, and then spit out items with a general aim towards you. To injure her, hit three nail boxes while she is drawing in air.

The air bubble will then be pushed around, forcing you through various ruins. Getting caught by the water will cause you to restart a small portion of the travel.

Eventually, you will return to flat terrain. The lungfish will repeat his previous behaviour of playing with the air in the air bubble. Once you hit her with three nail boxes, she will once again push the bubble.

After travelling through more terrian, you should eventually end up at a rail. Slide down it and land on the ground.

The lungfish will enter the are directly and attack. Stand behind the clam, and wait for it to swing. Attack when it becomes trapped.

When it collapses, use the Psycho-portal on the Lungfish.


Lungfishopolis is a large city filled with civilian lungfish. As you approach, you realize that the area is modelled after Godzilla, and receive the name Goggalor.

Advance to the building with excalamation marks, and you will receive instructions on what to do. Smash it down, and you get access to the shield to reflect some enemy attacks.

Enter the tunnel. Just as you enter, activate the shield to reflect the lasers and fry them. Smash the designated building to get the blimp into position.

Head towards the dam. You will first encounter lightning tanks, which are destroyed by reflecting lightning. Next, you will encoutnter the anti-monster turret. To destroy the turret, block the shots with the shield (when the lock-on starts to blink), and smash it with melee attacks.

Bounce on the blimp to proceed over the dam.

To reach the third city, you can take the bridge or the rail line. The rail line is faster and safer, although you will need to take the bridge to collect a cobweb and open a vault.

When you reach the final city, you need to take out eight bombers. Climb to the top of a building (such as the one containing the upgrade to maximum lives), and shoot them down as they fly by. You will have to raise a shield since they will fire missiles directly or ram instead of simply dropping bombs on the ground.

Once the aircraft are destroyed, jump across the aircraft carriers to reach the Kochamara island.


Kochamara has uses two initial attacks.

  • Mighty ram.
  • Deadly triangle beam. Use the shield to reflect this, and also apply your own PSI blast as well.

While these attacks are blockable with the shield, he will wait until you are unshielded and visible before attacking. As such, you will need to use the shield as soon as the attack starts.

When he takes enough damage, he will drain your PSI blast charges, and use the following attacks:

  • Mighty ram (ground version)
  • Overly intricate combination
  • Hard to avoid area attack. Use the shield to block the damage, and retaliate with physical attacks.
  • Regular punch, which isn't called out but used if you are too close.

Kochamara alternates between these two attack patterns until he is killed. He is normally invulnerable except when using the beam or area attack.

When he is knocked down, climb the tower to destroy it.


After the tower is destroyed, you will be transported to the Asylum and given a horn to call the Lungfish. This horn will transport you to and from the asylum and shore.


Type Tag Bag
Dufflebag Near the prison First section, on an island
Purse First section, top of building near first electric tank Near the prison
Hatbox On the dam On the dam
Steamer trunk In the second city past the dam In the side island before the fighter area
Suitcase In the rail track On a large building near Kochamara island


  1. Near the prison
  2. Behind the building under the purse tag
  3. On the dam, behind the hatbox bag
  4. In the city between the bridge and aircraft carrier.
  5. Behind the building before the grind rail bridge on the left.

Other items[edit]

  • An ammo up is located on a large building past the dam.