Psychonauts/Waterloo World

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Fred Bonapart is having trouble with an identity crisis.

Rebuilding the bridge[edit]

When you first dive into the game board, Napolean will order the bridge destroyed. You will need to hire a carpenter to rebuild it, then get a soldier to fight Napolean's forces.

The carpenter is in the corner of the board near the bridge. When you speak with him, he will ask you to take care of what's on his roof.

Climb on the nearby peasant's house to the roof. levitate through the smoke stack, and onto the gillotine platform. Become invisible and walk across the rope.

Walk through the silo, and kill the large censor, smash the vault, and burn the haystack near the chimney. This will allow you to recruit the carpenter. You can place the carpenter in position by punching any cork scattered throughout the map.

Move the carpenter to the bridge to repair it.

Speak with the peasant marked on the map. He will feel that Fred doesn't care; exit to the game room, speak with Fred, and show the letter to the peasant. Once he is ready, move him next to the soldier.

The second bridge[edit]

From the game room, use telekinesis to get the coin from the fireplace, then head to the second peasant. Use telekinesis to remove the salt shaker, and repair the bridge. Kill the solder to continue.

Reaching the stronghold[edit]

The third peasant is located at the watermill near the fortress. You will have to enter the fortress to collect a weapon for him.

Enter front fortress by the ground, taking the cobweb as you pass. Climb up on the left; you will have to turn around in order to reach the higher rungs before jumping onto the rope.

Jump to the platform with the purse, and climb on the ledge to go under the fencing. Head out the window and drop on the platform. Cross the rope to the pole and climb it to the top, then float onto the roof.

Jump across the gap, aiming for the climbable tower.

Enter the right tower, and burn the haystacks to retrieve the musket. The final peasant can be used to remove the soldier.

Storming the stronghold[edit]

You will now need to storm the stronghold. Head to the escargot farm behind the castle and collect 10 escargot. Bring the snails to the knight on the opposite corner.

You now need to unjam the gears. You can access this area either from the escargot farm or from the tightrope at the front of the castle.

To reach the gears, climb the ladder on the left of the castle. Circle around the back, and jump onto the right pillar. Watch the enemy on the left pillar. As soon as it fires, do a levitating jump towards the left pillar. Neutralize the cannoneer and use telekinesis to remove the obstruction from the gears.

Move the knight into the castle to defeat Napoleon.


  • 13 in the game room.
  • 3 on game board
  • 8 in carpenter's house
  • 2 at the guillotine
  • 4 at peasant's house
  • 3 peasant's house to gillotine
  • 5 Guillotine to silo
  • 3 in silo
  • about 50 or 60 at escargot farm (punch trees)
  • 8 above carpenter's house


Type Tag Location
Hatbox In the game room Behind Fred's castle.
Suitcase Game board In guillotine
Duffle Bag On roof of second peasant house Silo near carpenter
Purse Behind an arch structure In left front section of fortress.
Steamer In the right section of the fortress, above the musket. Climbing the inner fortress.


  • 1 near the carpenters house
  • 1 at the guillotine
  • 1 blocking entrance to left tower
  • 1 blocking upper entrance to right tower
  • 1 under arch
  • 1 behind Fred's castle
  • 1 on side window at castle

Other items[edit]

  • Maximum projection depth item is located in the arch on the far side of the map.
  • Ammo up is located above the second peasant house.
  • Confusion ammo up is located on top of the knight's house. It is only visible once you get confusion grenades.