Ranger X/Weapons

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Flame unit[edit]

Throws a stream of flame out in front of you as long as B button is pressed. The length of the stream depends on your remaining power. A handy tool for augmenting your basic laser. Its symbol is four orange boxes of increasing size.

Seeker mine[edit]

Moves along the ground, damaging anything it touches. Dissipates after a certain amount of time, or a few seconds after contact with an enemy. It packs more punch than the flame unit, but you're more limited in what you can hit. Its symbol is a bunch of blue vertical bars of different sizes.

Seeker charge[edit]

Sends out twin energy charges. They begin unaimed, but as you hold B button, they will gradually adjust to attack the nearest enemy. Decent damage, it's a good replacement for the flame unit. It cannot detect some enemies. If you want to use this to hit them, move in front of the enemy and just tap B button--the charge will behave like your ordinary attack. If you try to have it 'seek' when there are no enemies it can detect, it will go wild and useless. Its symbol is two diverging blue lines.

Seeker falcon[edit]

One of the most effective weapons around. It will seek out enemy targets within a certain area when released, and sticks to them until they are destroyed. It can do a lot of damage in a short time. Like seeker charge, there are some enemies that it will not detect. Its symbol is a falcon.

Plasma blast[edit]

Does decent damage over a wide area. Takes out a largish chunk of power. It's great for dealing with a bunch of closely clustered enemies. Plasma is also nice against enemies you want to stay away from, since it has a longer range than falcon. Its symbol is a fire ball (or plasma blast) pointing to the right.

Proton storm (Proton cannon)[edit]

The manual says this originally designed to aid in tunnel digging. It won't bust through any walls in the game, but it will severely damage anything in its path. It consumes your entire power bar, takes a couple of seconds to charge, and paint a huge horizontal bar of the screen red. Its symbol is three green dots.

Defence Shield[edit]

This is a hidden weapon found on the last level. This weapon surrounds your suit in an impenetrable shield making you invincible and harming anything it comes into contact with. Uses a small amount of power and can last along time, provided there's light. Press B button to activate, press B button again to deactivate. It's symbol is a small O surrounded by a ring.