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The game starts off with you as the Prince after having gone through the entire castle and reaching the end. You find yourself face to face with the King after a short walk whom you strike down for unknown reasons. After that you enter the castle as the first "Heir", a warrior class fighting throughout the castle first areas. As you play the game you discover Journals of the Prince, starting with the first of 25 entries. The journals themselves contain lots of humor, intrigue, fear and the story itself explained over a long period of time and what the Prince uncovers about the Castle. Explaining how he's out for the cure to save the King from his ailments.


The last two entries of the journal contain a revelation that the Prince discovered. The King's only ailments were "Time itself" and the King wished to be an immortal, so he led the Prince in deception to the Fountain of Youth. The Prince, angry with his fathers actions, realized what he had done and the consequences of what happened with his family and everything. He struck down the King in rage and waits for his descendants (whom you play) to come to the Castle. He takes the "burden" on himself to slay all of them and keep the Fountain from anyone.


Upon starting the game, you appear in a sepia tutorial area (this is the start of the story section, above). Move to the right, break stuff with ?? to find treasure. Jump up the ledge with ??. Defeat the knight by striking it a few times. Climb up the platforms, drop down through a platform by pressing ??.

When you reach the final room, run to the right and attack the king.

The first knight[edit]

You now begin the real game with your first character. Run to the right and enter the castle and begin your journey. When you die, you will return to the start menu. Press ?? to pick your new heir and begin again. If you acquired gold, run to the left of camp to reach the manor. Spend your gold here to rebuild the camp and upgrade your future heirs.