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Errand System[edit]

Throughout the course of the game players recruit a variety of characters, some of which may not be able to participate in battle. This is where the Errand System comes in. The player can send inactive party members do various chores. These activities range from buying supplies to entering the player into various Quests.

Battle System[edit]

Rondo of Swords makes use of a unique battle system known as the "Route Maneuver System." Players will get to set a character's course through an area. If enemies counterattack, or block an attack, that character's advance will be stopped. Players can also attack multiple enemies in one swift move. However, the character's path cannot double back, so players should plan character routes carefully before beginning the maneuver.


Each person has a unique special ability called an OverBreak or OB. These OBs may be one of several types;

  • Attack
  • Supportive

Some characters have abilities that do not fall into either of these categories. OBs also have three ranks. As the player directs characters to attack enemies, the ranks will continue to increase. At the third ranking (or level), each character can unleash the OB's most powerful effect.

Skill Points[edit]

Players will earn Skill Points throughout the game, which in turn lets them purchase various items. These include Magic and Supportive Skills that are unique to each specific character. However, not only will characters will be able to purchase new skills, but also they will get to strengthen the ones they already have.

Multiple Endings[edit]

Like with the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross series; completing certain events or tasks will net gamers various endings. There are 4 possible endings in this game.

Journey of Trials[edit]

Players will endure various trials to show their strength and overall prowess. They will be awarded various items necessary to change their job class plus increase their overall potential.