Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse/Episode 304: Beyond the Alley of the Dolls

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Sam & Max find themselves barricaded in Stinky's Diner and must find out how to stop the raving hordes of Sam clones ("Samulacra" or "Doggelgängers", if you will) that stole the Devil's Toybox in the previous episode. As all of Manhattan becomes overrun by toy-snatching clones, our intrepid Freelance Police delve into the mysteries of the scantly-clad Doggelgängers and uncover the truth about the dastardly fiend behind these sinister Samulacra. Is it the cranky Diner Owner? The spineless Space Ape? The Magical Curator? The Mysterious Doctor? Or is it some other force all together? Join us, friends, as we discover what awaits...Beyond the Alley of the Dolls!

Playing Cards of Telepathy[edit]

You find yourself barricaded in Stinky's Diner, together with Grandpa and Girlie Stinky, as well as General Skun'kape who suffers from heavy sam-o-pathy. Now talk to everyone, also try to look at and use everything, and soon you will discover the radion on the counter. Use it, enjoy Skun'kape seeing red and being drawn out of the room. You as Max can now use the cards of Mind Reading, in addition to the Teleportation, Rhinoplasty, and Future Vision abilities that you know already.

Flee from the siege[edit]

Since the outlook is gloomy, escape is the word. Make sure you have looked at/used every available item in the room.

Flee from the siege
  1. You need to use the new Mind Reading ability to be able to escape.
  2. If you read Girl Stinky's mind, you'll find that she thinks about an escape tunnel.
  3. Maybe you remember the button behind the counter, or find it again. But the tunnel no longer opens and Girl Stinky hears and sees that it does not work.
  4. Read her mind again.
  5. She denies but note how she looks to the left.
  6. Read her mind again.
  7. The backup escape tunnel can be opened with the toaster but a doppel-Sam's arm prevents you from using it. You must try to remove the arm, be it only for a moment.
  8. Giving to the arm a peanut butter ball will not accomplish anything. Try also activating one of the balls.
  9. Giving a fudge to the arm would certainly occupy the doppel-Sam long enough to use the toaster. If only they wouldn't taste so fine!
  10. Activating a peanut butter ball will make the butter stick to Sam's mouth for a while.
  11. Immediately after having buttered Sam's mouth, take a fudge and give it to the arm, then use the toaster.

The Cloning Facility[edit]

From the cloning facility is immediately reachable via tunnel: Stinky's Diner, the room before Paperwaite's office, and Momma Bosco's laboratory. In the facility, note the control platform with the controls, the coffee mug, and the hand-shaped device. Note also that magical tentacles prevent you from using the cooking controls. At Momma Bosco, don't forget to check the phone, so you can later teleport there. Likewise, before Paperwaite's office, check the trash.

To get access to Sal's number,

  1. Examine Sal's letter in your inventory.

You can now teleport to where Sal is working---it looks like the harbor---immediately you see some samulacra crashing with the DeSoto full of toys. The Ventrioquist toy Charlie Ho-Tep will fall off to the sideway. Pick it up. You can try to cross the street but the doggelgängers will chase you from the street. Teleport back to Stinky's Diner.

Girl Stinky is occupied with Flint Paper who accuses her of working against her grandpa. Talk to Flint and follow his lead, sooner or later you will be drawn into the lie that Girl Stinky prepared Grandpa's birthday party. To get a clue on the mysterious S., it will be necessary to cover the lie and free the girl.

Free Girl Stinky[edit]

As Sam says, to free the girl you would have to produce Grandpa Stinky's favourite birthday cake, and soon!

Free Girl Stinky
  1. You don't even know what cake is Grandpa's favourite. But Grandpa knows.
  2. Read Grandpa's mind.
  3. Now that you know what you need, who could possibly know how to make the cake? Girl Stinky didn't even cook herself when she was in charge.
  4. You need to talk to the former cook at Stinky's, Sal, who is now working in the haven.
  5. The samulacra near Sal would have to be distracted somehow.
  6. Use Max's ventriloquist ability on the big metal door.
  7. Talking to Sal makes him create a drawing on the floor. Make a copy using Max's Rhinoplasty ability.
  8. Teleport back to Stinky's and apply the Rhinoplasty.

Grandpa Stinky will recognize the cake now, and Sam gets smooched by the girl. All persons leave the room. Now find out who Girlie was dating by following her through her phone number. Sam & Max's teleporting attempt brings them to the cloning facility, where they hide and become witness to a date with Sal. Unfortunately, you can't interrogate them further, as the master of the facility takes over their thoughts, and both Girl and Sal become enslaved.

Summon Momma Bosco[edit]

The next chance for resolving the puzzle of the facility appears to be summoning Momma Bosco. She would know who the mysterious master is and what to do. You certainly noted by now that using the gong at Boscotech will start a séance. But a séance with only unbelievers will just not work. In order to run a good show, you will have to convince at least one of the participants.

Summon Momma Bosco
  1. You need to use the Mind Reading ability on Harry Moleman before you start.
  2. From reading Harry's mind, bamboozling him by impersonating Uncle Mortimer is a good choice. But he needs convincing.
  3. Use Ventriloquism on Uncle Mortimer's picture on the table.
  4. Harry and Uncle had a secret but you don't know it.
  5. Read Harry's mind and use Ventriloquism again.

Harry and Superball leave the room. But Momma Bosco is no help, either. However, note that you can now fiddle with the Dimensional Stabilizer but do you have information that can help with calibrating the machine?

Get Destroyer Manuscript
  1. Have you tried getting into Paperwaite's office?
  2. Knock on the door.
  3. Then, after Paperwaite closes it, he can be seen through the glass locking the door.
  4. Quickly read his mind to get the door combination.

You have now access to Paperwaite's office. You learn that Yog Soggoth actually was Dr. Norrington. Both he and Paperwaite are quite peaceful. You learn that the toy named Cthonic Destroyer can eliminate the sort of tentacles that prevent you from giving Momma Bosco a new body.

Get the Cthonic Destroyer[edit]

Get the Cthonic Destroyer
  1. Sam must travel into a new dimension until he finds the Cthonic Destroyer.
  2. Check the manuscript on which conditions hold when the Destroyer was found: flashes of light, giggling, visions of spiders, visions of being eaten by a beast.
  3. The right dial sequence is fixed. You just have to try out until all conditions hold. Stay with one dial until partial success, then change the next.

With the Cthonic Destroyer you remove the tentacles in the cloning facility. You can now try to make a clone of Momma Bosco.