Shadowrun/Dark Blade Mansion

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Unlocking the gate[edit | edit source]

Before proceeding, you must have rescued the Shaman in Tenth Street's graveyard, and purchased the stake from the Shaman in Old Town.

With the death of the Rat Shaman, a spirit appeared and mentioned that you are no match for the Jester. For this, you will need to return to the Jagged Nails Club. Speak with Kitsune, and talk about the Jester Spirit, and she will mention the Dark Blade. Ask her about the new topic, and she will mention Vampires. The two club managers will also know things about the other club. Asking the left club manager about Dark Blade will also reveal vampires, asking the right club manager about vampires will reveal strobes. Speak with the left club manager about strobes to receive that item.

The club has a vidphone. To first get the number, call the Shaman in Old town and ask about the Dark Blade to get their number along with a warning about their danger. Call the Dark Blade and mention the Magic Fetish that you obtained much earlier. This will interest Johan, and he will unlock the gate for you.

Weapon shop[edit | edit source]

After getting through the gate, there is a weapon shop on the right-hand side of the courtyard. There is a new weapon here, the Uzi III SMG, and the normal upgrade to the T-250 Shotgun is also cheaper. Additional weapons will appear in this shop as you approach the end of the game - the best weapon will eventually

If you currently have the T-250 Shotgun, there's no need to upgrade as the Uzi III only gives auto-fire capability (where you can hold the button instead of repeatedly pressing it), and a minor accuracy bonus. Both weapons require a strength of 4.

When finished with the upgrades, you can sell spare weapons for half-price.

Inside the mansion[edit | edit source]

Speak with the mage in front, and ask him about the magic fetish. He'll direct you to the room on the left.

In the left room, Vladmir will talk to you as you approach. Ask him about the Magic Fetish and Jester Spirit. Exit the conversation, open the items menu, and select Magic Fetish from the list - give it to Vladmir. He thanks you for the fetish, and if you ask him about the jester spirit again, he'll mention you can defeat him by saying his true name, Nirwanda, and that the jester is found in Bremerton. He'll then leave through the wall.

In the meantime, hack both the computers. The one on the right has account information for 10,000 nuyen, and the lower one has some data that says the vampire is working for the jester, and that his real name wasn't Nirwanda.

When you head out, the front mage is hostile, and should be killed. Enter the room on the right, and eliminate the enemies there. There's a Bronze Key on the shelves to the right, and one of the enemies drops a Mesh Jacket.

The room at the back is the eatery, and the room connecting to the left is the kitchen where there's additional enemies. The back of the kitchen leads to a locked grate, which is opened by the bronze key.

Crypts and Vampire Lair[edit | edit source]

If this section gives difficulty, consider hiring a companion.

The crypts are filled with a large quantity of ghouls. Advance to the south-west, and in the second room, head to the south-east until you see stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, a set of ghouls will charge quickly at the party. You can use a grenade or explosive attacks to clean them out. The last opponent is the Vampire, who is immune to conventional attacks. To stop him, use the Strobe that was given from the Jagged Nails, then use the Stake on him.

The first time you use the stake, he'll panic. You can ask about the jester spirit again, but it's still a lie. The second stake is enough - ask him about the jester spirit, and he'll give the correct name, Laughlyn. You can now safely stake the vampire for 5000 nuyen and 4 karma.