Sid Meier's Civilization V/Germany

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Germany is a relatively young political entity, formed from the unification of the various Germanic tribes that lived in Europe, though its influence on history is quite significant. It is led by Otto von Bismark, the chancellor that unified Germany. The German civilization is one with a focus on war, with the ability to field a huge army during the early game. Their Unique Units help them assert superiority during the middle to late game.

AI Traits[edit]


Unique Components[edit]

Unique Ability[edit]

  • Furor Teutonicus - Upon defeating a Barbarian unit inside an Encampment, there is a 25% chance you get 25 Gold and have the barbarian join your side. 25% lower maintenance cost for land units

Unique Units[edit]


  • Cost: 45 Production / 90 Cost
  • Type: Melee
  • Combat Strength: 16
  • Movement Points: 2
  • 50% combat bonus against mounted units
  • Prerequisites: Civil Service Technology
  • Obsolete with: Metallurgy technology
  • Upgrades into: Lancer
  • Replaces: Pikeman
  • Halved cost


  • Cost: 375 Production
  • Type: Armored (Melee)
  • Combat Strength: 80
  • Movement Points: 6
  • No defensive terrain bonuses, can move after attacking
  • Prerequisites: Combined Arms technology, 1 Oil
  • Upgrades into: Modern Armor
  • Replaces Tank
  • Higher Combat Strength, higher movement points

Playing Germany[edit]

Victory Conditions[edit]

Social Policies[edit]

Religious Beliefs[edit]