Sid Meier's Civilization V/Persia

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There were many empires that sprung up around the Persian region, but the one in this game specifically represents the Achaemenid Empire. It is led by Darius I, a satrap turned king who expanded Persian borders and improved his empire's organization and infrastructure. Persia has one of the best Unique Abilities in the game, with a major focus on getting and taking advantage of long Golden Ages. With an incredibly resilient early-game unique unit and a unique building that synergizes with their Unique Ability, Persia can take on any victory condition and still keep up with the competition.

AI Traits[edit]

Darius I[edit]

Unique Components[edit]

Unique Ability[edit]

  • Achaemenid Legacy - Golden Ages last 50% longer. During a Golden Age, units receive +1 Movement and a +10% Combat Strength bonus.

Unique Unit[edit]


  • Cost: 56 Production / 112 Faith
  • Type: Melee
  • Combat Strength: 12
  • Movement Points: 2
  • +50% combat bonus against mounted units
  • Prerequisites: Bronze Working technology
  • Obsolete with: Civil Service technology
  • Upgrades into: Pikeman
  • Replaces Spearman
  • +1 Combat Strength, heals twice as much per turn

Unique Building[edit]

Satrap's Court[edit]

  • Cost: 200 Production
  • +3 Gold, +25% Gold, (BNW) +1 Gold per incoming Trade Route
  • Prerequisites: Banking technology, Bazaar and Market in city
  • 1 Merchant Specialist slot
  • Replaces Bank
  • +1 Gold, +2 Happiness


Victory Conditions[edit]

Social Policies[edit]

Religious Beliefs[edit]


Using Persia[edit]