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The Ottoman empire was one of the strongest empires in history, ruling large swathes of land across multiple continents, strong enough to be a recognized threat to European powers for centuries. It is led by Suleiman I, who greatly expanded the Ottoman empire and ruled it at its peak. The Ottomans are geared for war, particularly naval warfare. They can dominate the seas through sheer numbers with Barbary Corsairs, assimilating enemy ships to build up a fearsome navy. This naval power is backed by two strong offensive Unique Units, giving them a powerful edge in land battles. With a high quantity of ships and high quality troops, the Ottomans are a deadly force no matter where they're fighting.

AI Traits[edit]


Unique Components[edit]

Unique Ability[edit]

  • Barbary Corsairs - Base Game: 50% chance of converting a Barbarian naval unit to your side and earning 25 Gold. Pay only one-third the usual cost for naval unit maintenance. G&K and BNW: All melee naval units have the Prize Ships promotion, allowing them to capture defeated ships. Pay only one-third the usual cost for naval unit maintenance.

Unique Units[edit]


  • Cost: 150 Production / 300 Faith
  • Type: Gunpowder (Melee)
  • Combat Strength: 24
  • Movement Points: 2
  • Prerequisites: Gunpowder technology
  • Obsolete with: Rifling technology
  • Upgrades into: Rifleman
  • Replaces Musketman
  • Heals 50 damage after killing enemy unit, +25% combat bonus when attacking


  • Cost: 185 Production / 370 Faith
  • Type: Mounted (Melee)
  • Combat Strength: 25
  • Movement Points: 5
  • No defensive terrain bonuses, can move after attacking, -33% combat penalty when attacking cities, free Formation I promotion
  • Prerequisites: Metallurgy technology, 1 Horse
  • Obsolete with: Combined Arms technology
  • Upgrades to: Anti-Tank Gun
  • Replaces Lancer
  • No movement cost to pillage, +1 Extra Sight


Victory Conditions[edit]

Social Policies[edit]

Religious Beliefs[edit]


Using The Ottomans[edit]