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Sky Hunter challenge 6.png

At the start of this challenge, the zoo's interior (which has a trail of wet footprints running through it) shall appear on the screen as the text "The children have followed Badger into the zoo. He's left a trail of wet footprints behind him." appears below it (however, the zoo's interior is randomly-generated, so it may not look exactly like it does in the above screenshot, especially if you are playing the Archimedes version); once you press Space to continue, the text of "You can help the children to follow the footprints by telling them which way to go." will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Once you push Space again, the text of "Choose:" will appear at the bottom of the screen with two options, Easy and Hard, to its right - and if you choose Easy, the eight directions' initials will be arranged in the form of a compass, but if you choose Hard, they will be arranged in two vertical lines. Regardless of your choice the word "Start" will now flash up in the bottom-left corner of the screen as the game asks you "Which way?"; once you have chosen a direction, the game shall then say "Go North/North East/East/South East/South/South West/West/North West. How many steps?", as a cursor flashes to its right, and you shall then have to type in a number of steps to move and press Enter to confirm it (indicated by the footprints changing colour). However, if you choose the wrong direction or type in too big a number the text "Oh dear! You have lost your way. You will have to start again!" shall appear at the bottom of the screen and you'll have to press Space to return time back to when the game asked you to choose a difficulty - but once you direct the children to the end of the footprint trail, Badger shall jump out from where he had been hiding, and the following text will then appear on the screen (in the Archimedes version, the continue sign appears in the screen's bottom-right corner when Badger jumps out, so you must press Space to go on):

Sky Hunter challenge 6 completed.png
"Oh Badger!" says Jackie. "At last we
have caught up with you."
"Yes," says Trevor, "we wanted to tell
you that your bird is not a parakeet!"
"That's right," agrees Butch. "It's a
peregrine falcon. Definitely!"
Through the Dragon's Eye continue sign.png

"Is that right?" says Badger.
"I always get names muddled up, and
I have a job to do, sorting out the
labels on the cages in the zoo.
I would be very pleased if you would
help me."
Through the Dragon's Eye continue sign.png

Once you press Space for a fourth time, the game shall go to its seventh challenge, which involves working out which animals live in which cages; although the four animals that live in the cages are randomly-generated, there is one that will always be featured as a lead-in to the eighth challenge.