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  • Y and N: On the title screen, the game will ask you "Do you want sound?" (a cursor will also flash to its right, in the Archimedes version); if you press N for "no", the game will play in silence. It will then ask you "Have you played before?" - and for the full effect, you again have to press N for "no", because if you press Y for "yes", the game will proceed to a challenge selection screen, rendering all except the last challenge skippable if desired (as in Geordie Racer and Through the Dragon's Eye, it's presumably for the benefit of players who can't complete the game in one sitting).
  • Space: When a sign of three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen, you will have to press this key to continue; when you have to make a choice, you must also push it to move the highlight to the next option and push Enter to confirm it.
  • Delete: If you enter a wrong character while typing in an answer, press this key to delete the wrongly-typed answer, then try to type it in correctly.
  • Arrow keys: In the third challenge, you must use these keys to select a square, along with R, G, and W to place red, green, and white tiles respectively; however, for the eighth challenge, you must use them to sort the pieces of the scrambled picture. In the ninth challenge, you must use them to select a piece of the scrambled map to move - and for the tenth challenge, you must use them to direct the torch's beam around the tunnel.
  • 1-9: After choosing a direction to move in for the sixth challenge, you must use these to tell Jackie, Butch and Trevor how many steps to take; however, unlike the similar challenges from the two previous Look and Read games, you have to push Enter to confirm the number you entered.


  • Jackie, Butch and Trevor: The three children who saw a peregrine falcon (the eponymous "Sky Hunter") at a canal and asked Badger about it (not knowing he was a bird thief); Badger mistakenly told them that it was a parakeet, but after going to the antique shop to tell their so-called "friend" Mr. Trim (again, not knowing that he was also a bird thief) about it, then seeing a picture of it in a bird book, they found out that Badger had got it wrong.
  • Mr. Trim and Badger: The two bird thieves, the latter of whom stole the peregrine falcon to unlawfully sell it to the former; after the children went to tell Badger that "his" bird was not a parakeet, he ran off (and they had to follow him through a playground and into a zoo before they caught up with him). He then told them that he always got names muddled up, and he would be very pleased if they were to help him with his job of sorting out the labels on the zoo's cages - but by the time they had finished, he had made good an escape. However, when the children later went to the old boat-house, they overheard Badger asking Mr. Trim if he wanted to buy a peregrine falcon; after they trapped the thieves there, they went for the police.