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Sky Hunter challenge 10.png

At the start of this challenge, the screen shall turn black in both versions, as the text "The children are searching in the tunnel for words to rhyme with the words on the back of their map." appears at the bottom of it; once you have pressed Space, to continue, the text of "It is very dark in the tunnel. Press the space bar to switch on the torch." will appear at the bottom of the screen. Once you have pushed Space again, a beam of light shall appear in the centre of the screen as the text "Find the rhymes: word pale bin gold coat mouse bright" appears below it, along with a cursor flashing under "word" and "Press TAB for instructions." - and if you press Tab, the following instructions (for the benefit of newcomers) shall appear at the bottom of the screen:

Use the arrow keys to search the
tunnel with your torch.
Sky Hunter challenge 8 continue sign.png

Press the space bar to choose a code
word, then type in a rhyming word and
press the RETURN key.
Sky Hunter challenge 8 continue sign.png

As you search the tunnel with the torch, you will find the rhyming words bird, sale, in, old, boat, house, and tonight, along with the red herrings thief, fly, money, lock, fish, falcon, and nest; each time you type one of the rhyming words in under the one it rhymes with and press Enter to confirm it, the game will say "Good word.", "That's right.", or "Well done.", and you must press Space to continue. However, if you type one of them in wrongly, the game will say "That isn't right!", and you will have to press Space to remove the wrongly-spelled word - but once you have typed all seven of the rhyming words in under the ones that they rhyme with and pushed Enter to confirm them, the following text shall appear at the bottom of the screen:

bird sale in old boat house tonight
"I think Mr. Trim and Badger are up to
no good." Says Trevor. "That's why
they were both so cross!"
Sky Hunter challenge 8 continue sign.png

"Definitely!" says Butch, "we must go
to the old boat-house tonight."
Sky Hunter challenge 8 continue sign.png

Once you press Space for either a fourth or sixth time, the game will proceed to the eleventh challenge, which involves going to the old boat-house; however, it has three difficulty levels to choose from, and the one you pick determines the maximum amount of items the children will be able to carry.