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The equipment in Soul Blazer is found periodically throughout the game. Each item is found inside of a chest. Most of the equipment is optional.


Sword of Life
SB Weapon Sword of Life.png
  • Location: Grass Valley
  • Level: 1
  • Strength: 1

The first sword; it has no special properties.

Psycho Sword
SB Weapon Psycho Sword.png
  • Location: Greenwood
  • Level: 5
  • Strength: 2

Invincible monsters will be temporarily paralyzed.

Critical Sword
SB Weapon Critical Sword.png
  • Location: St. Elles
  • Level: 11
  • Strength: 3

Sometimes defeat monsters with a critical hit at once.

Lucky Blade
SB Weapon Lucky Blade.png
  • Location: Mountain of Souls
  • Level: 15
  • Strength: 4

Chance of getting larger Gems increases.

Zantetsu Sword
SB Weapon Zantetsu Sword.png
  • Location: Dr. Leo's Lab
  • Level: 16
  • Strength: 6

Can hurt Metal monsters.

Spirit Sword
SB Weapon Spirit Sword.png
  • Location: Castle of King Magridd
  • Level: 19
  • Strength: 8

Can hurt Ghost monsters.

Recovery Sword
SB Weapon Recovery Sword.png
  • Location: Grass Valley
  • Level: 22
  • Strength: 10

Recover some health points after defeating one monster.

The Soul Blade
SB Weapon The Soul Blade.png
  • Location: World of Evil
  • Level: 24
  • Strength: 12

Without it and Soul Armor you can't defeat Deathtoll.


Iron Armor
SB Armor Iron Armor.png
  • Location: Grass Valley
  • Defense: 1

A normal armor.

Ice Armor
SB Armor Ice Armor.png
  • Location: Greenwood
  • Defense: 2

Walk over fire without damage.

Bubble Armor
SB Armor Bubble Armor.png
  • Location: St. Elles
  • Defense: 3

Create a bubble which lets you breath air under water.

Magic Armor
SB Armor Magic Armor.png
  • Location: Mountain of Souls
  • Defense: 4

Allows to use half the necessary gems whenever casting a spell.

Mystic Armor
SB Armor Mystic Armor.png
  • Location: Dr. Leo's Lab
  • Defense: 6

Invincible for longer period of time.

Light Armor
SB Armor Light Armor.png
  • Location: Dr. Leo's Lab
  • Defense: 8

Receive no damage from weaker enemies.

Elemental Mail
SB Armor Elemental Mail.png
  • Location: Castle of King Magridd
  • Defense: 10

Protects you from damage zones.

Soul Armor
SB Armor Soul Armor.png
  • Location: World of Evil
  • Defense: 12

Walk in space without taking damage.


Flame Ball
SB Magic Flame Ball.png
  • Location: Grass Valley
  • Gem: 4

Shoots a fireball in one direction.

Light Arrow
SB Magic Light Arrow.png
  • Location: Greenwood
  • Gem: 8

Shoots light arrows in 4 directions.

Magic Flair
SB Magic Magic Flair.png
  • Location: St. Elles
  • Gem: 8

Power is collected while button is pressed.

SB Magic Rotator.png
  • Location: Mountain of Souls
  • Gem: 1

Ring of Light will rotate around you.

Spark Bomb
SB Magic Spark Bomb.png
  • Location: Dr. Leo's Lab
  • Gem: 8

Mines are laid and explodes some times later.

Flame Pillar
SB Magic Flame Pillar.png
  • Location: Greenwood
  • Gem: 20

Four pillars of fire will rise around you.

SB Magic Tornado.png
  • Location: Grass Valley
  • Gem: 8

Magical tornado will come.

SB Magic Phoenix.png
  • Location: Mountain of Souls
  • Gem: 2

The legendary Phoenix is the only one which can hurt Deathtoll.


Souls are special non-playable characters that will give you additional, passive powers.

Image Name Effect Location
SB Soul Soul of Magician.png Soul of Magician It allows you to use Magic. At the beginning of the Game.
SB Soul Soul of Light.png Soul of Light It allows you to see in darkness. In Greenwood.
SB Soul Soul of Shield.png Soul of Shield It protects you from falling magma. In St. Elles.
SB Soul Soul of Detection.png Soul of Detection It allows you to see invisible Enemies. In Dr. Leo's Lab.
SB Soul Soul of Reality.png Soul of Reality It allows you to see hidden passages and treasure chests. In the Castle of King Magridd.