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You start the game off in the shrine. You read through some dialogue and then you name your character. After some more dialogue you get to control your character!

You can talk to god and ask him to save your game, and you can also go into three portals which transport you to different places, though only one is open at the moment so go inside it!

Trial Room[edit]

Item checklist
  • SB Weapon Sword of Life.png Sword of Life
  • SB Magic Flame Ball.png Flame Ball Magic
  • SB Soul Soul of Magician.png Soul of Magician

You are inside a dungeon of some sort. There is a monster with purple hair that apparently just came out of a portal and a chest above you. You cannot attack right now so go check the chest. Congratulations! You just found the Sword of Life!

To use the sword, press Select Button and then equip the Sword of Life. Now you must fight that strange monster. When you kill it, another one spawns! Once you kill four of them the portal transforms into a button. Press the button by hitting it with your sword. An old man has appeared! Once you talk to him, he turns into a magic ball and goes into your inventory; you now have the Flame Ball Magic! You can now shoot fireballs.

That's all for this room. Now you have unlocked the next portal, which leads to a town.

Underground Castle[edit]

A hidden Medical Herb is in this corner.
Item checklist
  • SB Items Dream Rod.png Dream Rod
  • SB Armor Iron Armor.png Iron Armor
  • SB Items Goats Food.png Goats food
  • SB Items Leos Brush.png Leo's Brush
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Leo's Painting[edit]

Item checklist
  • SB Items Pass.png Clubhouse Pass
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