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General items[edit]

Recurring items[edit]

Medical Herb Strange Bottle
SB Items Medical Herb.png
Location: Everywhere

Found in every World at least once. Some People will also give you one if you don't have it in your inventory. If you equip it and die, then the Herb will automatically revive you with full HP.

SB Items Strange Bottle.png
Location: Everywhere
Found in every World at least once. If you equip it and die, then you won't lose the Gems you collected so far.

Permanent items[edit]

These items can be used repeatedly during the game. You should always equip one of them, unless you need one of the items above.

Item Sprite Location Usage
Dream Rod
SB Items Dream Rod.png
Grass Valley
Found in Underground Palace.
Allows you to enter dreams like Lisa, Flowerpot, etc..
Mushroom Shoes
SB Items Mushroom Shoes.png
Mountain of Souls
Get it from a freed Dwarf.
It allows you to walk normally on Ice.
Power Bracelet
SB Items Power Bracelet.png
St. Elles
You will find it on the Ghost Ship.
It doubles your Attack Power.
Shield Bracelet
SB Items Shield Bracelet.png
Exchange Mole's Ribbon with the Mole behind the Ghost for it.
It doubles your Defense.
Super Bracelet
SB Items Super Bracelet.png
Castle of King Magridd
Search the Spot where the Queen was after talking with Dr. Leo to find it.
It doubles both your Attack Power and Defense.

Optional: Magic Bell[edit]

Each one of the emblems bears the alchemy or astrology symbol of one of the planets.

Emblem A Emblem B
SB Items Emblem A.png
Location: Grass Valley

It's on a higher Platform, so you need to free the Ivy to it with Zantetsu Sword. The symbol on the emblem is that of the sun.

SB Items Emblem B.png
Location: Castle of King Magridd

It's in a hidden Chest in the Basement. The Soul of Reality will help you find it. The symbol on the emblem is that of Mercury.

Emblem C Emblem D
SB Items Emblem C.png
Location: Greenwood

One of the Squirrels in the Tree will give it to you. The symbol on the emblem is that of Venus.

SB Items Emblem D.png
Location: Castle of King Magridd

Once you gave the Big Pearl to the Dolphin and stepped on the Monster Lairs go there where it was and get some Treasures which includes Emblem D. The symbol on the emblem is that of Mars.

Emblem E Emblem F
SB Items Emblem E.png
Location: Mountain of Souls

Talk with the Snail in the hidden Room to get it. The symbol on the emblem is that of Jupiter.

SB Items Emblem F.png
Location: Mountain of Souls

Once you entered the Dream of the sleeping Mushroom and stepped on the Monster Lairs, go back there where the Mushroom and search the spot. The symbol on the emblem is that of Saturn.

Emblem G Emblem H
SB Items Emblem G.png
Location: Dr. Leo's Lab

Push the Drawer away to find the Emblem. The symbol on the emblem is that of Neptune.

SB Items Emblem H.png
Location: Castle of King Magridd

Once you restored the Castle, search on the right Side to find it. The symbol on the emblem is that of Uranus.

Magic Bell
SB Items Magic Bell.png
Location: Dr. Leo's Lab

Once you collected all eight Emblems return to Greenwood and give it to the Spirit and receive the Bell. It allows you to use Magic without Gems!

In which order can they be acquired?

  1. SB Items Emblem C.png Emblem C: in Greenwood (Chapter 2).
  2. SB Items Emblem D.png Emblem D: in St. Elles (Chapter 3).
  3. SB Items Emblem E.png Emblem E: in Mountain of Souls (Chapter 4).
  4. SB Items Emblem F.png Emblem F: in Mountain of Souls (Chapter 4).
  5. SB Items Emblem A.png Emblem A: during Chapter 5, once you get the Zantetsu Sword, go back to Chapter 1.
  6. SB Items Emblem G.png Emblem G: in Dr. Leo's Laboratory (Chapter 5).
  7. SB Items Emblem B.png Emblem B: in King Magridd Castle (Chapter 6).
  8. SB Items Emblem H.png Emblem H: in King Magridd Castle (Chapter 6).
  9. SB Items Magic Bell.png Magic Bell: after you acquired all eight Emblems, talk to the Jewel Spirit in Greenwood (Chapter 2).

Plot items[edit]

These items are used just once. They are needed to get other items or to get past certain points in the game.

Goats Food Harp String
SB Items Goats Food.png
Location: Grass Valley

Get it for free from the Item Shop to feed the Goats.

SB Items Harp String.png
Location: Castle of King Magridd

Find it in Basement to give it to the Singer. Will help you to get the Platinum Card.

Pass Mermaid's Tear
SB Items Pass.png
Location: Grass Valley

Found under a Flowerpot. Will give you Access to the Boys Hideout. Use it to get Strange Bottle and Tornado.

SB Items Mermaids Tear.png
Location: St. Elles

Once you freed a certain Soul, go in the Big Palace in St. Elles on the right Side. Get the Tear from the Chest. Throw it in the Volcan to stop it from erupting.

Leo's Brush Leaves
SB Items Leos Brush.png
Location: Grass Valley

Found in Underground Palace. Need to enter Lisa's Dream first before you can get it in the Dungeon. Used to enter the Painting.

SB Items Leaves.png
Location: Greenwood

Enter the Dream of a Bird and step on Monster Lair to open a Passage to it. With this in Inventary, the Raft will bring you to the Fire Shrine.

Mole's Ribbon Big Pearl
SB Items Moles Ribbon.png
Location: Greenwood

Lead a Mole on the right Side of Greenwood and lead her to the hole. Enter the Hole and get it from the Chest. Give it to the Guard in the Underground to make him go away.

SB Items Big Pearl.png
Location: St. Elles

It's in St. Elles on a Plattform. a Dolphin will help you to get it. Give it to a Dolphin in his Dream to reveal a Monster Lair.

Mobile Key Thunder Ring
SB Items Mobile Key.png
Location: Castle of King Magridd

Dr. Leo will give it to you. Use it to fly the Airship.

SB Items Thunder Ring.png
Location: St. Elles

Give to you from Lue. Needed to kill the Metal Gorilla in Blester.

Delicious Seeds Actinidiea Leaves
SB Items Delicious Seeds.png
Location: Greenwood

Found it in the Water Shrine. Trade it with a Squirrel for the Psycho Sword.

SB Items Actinidiea Leaves.png
Location: Dr. Leo's Lab

Once you freed the Plant on the second Floor, go to it and ask for a Actinidiea Leaves. Use it to leads both Cats towards the Exit. Doing so give you free Pass to get the Spark Bomb.

Door Key Platinum Card
SB Items Door Key.png
Location: Dr. Leo's Lab

Get it from the Cat after entering his Dream. Use it on the Door on first Floor to get Mystic Armor and the Emblem G.

SB Items Platinum Card.png
Location: Castle of King Magridd

Once you gave the Harp String to the Singer, search the spot where the Soldier moved from there to hear the Singer to find the Card. Show it to the Soldier of the Right Tower.

VIP Card Red-Hot Mirror
SB Items VIP Card.png
Location: Castle of King Magridd

Tell the ugly Queen that she is pretty to receive the Card. Show it to the Soldier of the Left Tower.

SB Items Red-Hot Mirror.png
Location: Greenwood

Sneak from behind on the Bird. It will then give you the Mirror.

Red-Hot Ball Red-Hot Stick
SB Items Red-Hot Ball.png
Location: World of Evil

You need to free Souls to get Access to it.

SB Items Red-Hot Stick.png
Location: St. Elles

Talk with the third Mermaid in the Big Palace once you slained Metal Gorilla with the Zantetsu Sword.

Key stones[edit]

Item Sprite Location Usage
Brown Stone
SB Items Brown Stone.png
Grass Valley
Obtained after defeating Metal Mantis.
Gives you access to Greenwood.
Green Stone
SB Items Green Stone.png
Obtained after defeating Stone Head Lion.
Gives you Access to St. Elles.
Blue Stone
SB Items Blue Stone.png
St. Elles
Obtained after defeating Skull Master.
Gives you Access to Mountain of Souls.
Silver Stone
SB Items Silver Stone.png
Mountain of Souls
Obtained after defeating Poseidon.
Gives you Access to Dr. Leo's Lab.
Purple Stone
SB Items Purple Stone.png
Dr. Leo's Lab
Obtained after defeating Tin Doll.
Gives you Access to Castle of King Magridd.
Black Stone
SB Items Black Stone.png
Castle of King Magridd
Obtained after defeating Demon Bird.
Gives you Access to World of Evil.