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Monark features a mix of enemies throughout the stage, but the Neo Tomos are the central feature, not just as an enemy but also as a boss. Remember that Neo Tomos are only vulnerable to attack when they are fully open and exposed. This stage returns to a fairly fast pace compared to Craddha so stay alert and keep moving in order to dodge enemy fire, but watch out for the pillars.

Space Harrier II Stage 8.png
  • Monark starts off with two pairs of Neo Tomos. They approach from behind, travel out to the distance a little bit before opening and firing, and then get a little closer to you before firing one last time and retreating.
  • Six Barbarians will appear off in the distance, fly high across the sky from left to right, and then advance towards you as they fly down to the lower left corner.
  • Two sets of three Muka Densu MK II ships will appear off in the distance. The first set will fly in low from the left, cross over to the right, and loop once in the air as it gets closer. The second group will perform the mirror image motion of the first group. Then a final group will appear in the distance, from the left, center, and right, and converge as they fly over you.
  • Two sets of three Froggers will appear from behind you on either side, and jump away as they fire at you.
  • From here to the end, fours pairs of Neo Tomos will appear, one after the other. Each will behave just as the first two pairs did in the beginning of the stage; appear, stop mid-way, fire, get a little closer, fire again, and then retreat. You will only ever have to worry two pairs at a time.

Boss: Neo Tomos Force[edit]

Space Harrier II Stage 8 boss.png

For the boss of this stage, you must face a group of Neo Tomos attacking all at once. They orbit around a common center, and fire at you whenever they open and expose themselves. It's difficult to pick one Tomos out and dedicate yourself to destroying it, so it's better to simply fire into the cluster and hope you hit one. You'll have to move continuously in order to avoid being struck by an energy ring. Move in a figure-eight pattern (or infinity symbol) and concentrate your firepower are you are moving across the center of the screen. You are only given a limited time to defeat the force; if you take too long, the remainder will simply retreat and you will advance to the next stage.