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Although the bulk of the game is covered in the Walkthrough section of this guide, the experience of playing Space Quest II relies on a world that's been crafted with impeccable attention to detail. Since the Walkthrough section is meant to provide the least cluttered approach to beating the game, the Appendices section feature everything else.

Command Line Walkthrough

Although the Walkthrough section contains every command needed to type into the game to beat it, here you will find the list of the shortest versions of commands recognized by Space Quest II.

Pinkunz Maze

If you are frustrated with trying to find your way through the dangerous dark caves underneath the Pinkunz dwelling, and the Walkthrough instructions just aren't enough, this map should clear a few things up.


An illustrated guide to each item of the game. If you don't know where to find (or use) something, this would be the place to look.


If you've beaten the game and still somehow are missing some of those 250 points, this list documents every time the game would award you any points. (Note that cheat command is not included in the list).


This list documents the ways you can die in this game.