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Below are some hints to help you when you get stuck. The solutions are hidden.


  • Always look around.
  • Use may be too vague; try a better command.
  • Experiment. A lot.
  • Items are important.
  • Everything has meaning.
  • Save early, save often, and don't overwrite saves.

Xenon Orbital Station 4[edit]

Was there any point about the wrist watch beeping?

It's coming from an advanced watch with three buttons and a display.

So what?

Look at it.


How do I turn off that annoying sound?

Other than pressing F2? The sound is coming from the hovercraft.

Is there any point?

Yes. It's a distress signal.

Is there anything useful I can do with the mushrooms?

No. Apart from dying.

What was with the TWANG?

It's coming from the east. Why not check it out?

I go east but all I see is a swamp.

There are two east screens. Try going east along the bottom of the screen instead.

How do I hide from the hovercraft?

If you can't see Roger Wilco, neither can the enemy.

I kicked a spore. Did I die?

No. Wait a couple minutes.

What's the point of this mail box?

You put mail in. It would accept an order form.

Where do I get an order form?

You haven't been checking your inventory.

Where do I go now? Other than the swamp?

In the screen with the spores and mail box, there is an exit north which is left of the plateau.

How do you not die in the swamp?

Did you see what the pink alien did before crossing the swamp?

What alien?

Did you get the berries yet? Did you even free the alien?

What did it do?

Try looking at it quickly. You might have to go back a save.


It was rubbing something on its body.


What was it picking when you last saw it?

Is there something special about the deep part of the swamp?

Yes. There's always something special. Try going underwater.

I keep running out of air underwater. What do I do?

When going underwater, you don't just dive. You need to ...

How do I cross the chasm?

Try something. Anything. Why is a weird tree there anyway?

How do I escape from the cage?

You need a cage key. The hunter has one.

Every time I lure him over, he kills me. What now?

Do you have a spore? If not, too bad.

Every time I knock him out, he gets up almost right away. Why?

Stop playing on fast speeds.

What now?

You do know there was a rope for the taking right?

Where do I use the rope?

Try the screen where you crossed the chasm.

I'm hanging on a rope. What do I do now?

You need to reach the safe ledge.


You need to swing.

The cave is dark. What do I do?

The glowing gem would help. If you don't have it, too bad.

The pink aliens keep killing me. What do I do?

Too bad. See What was with the TWANG? above.

How do I get out of pink alien land?

They said to "say the word".

What word?

They said to "say the word". Literally.

I entered a cave. What do I do? Can I move?

You need the gem again. Did you remember to pick it up after falling the last time?

How do I use the gem?

You can't hold it in your hand. You need to hold it somewhere else.

Is there a cave monster in the maze?

Yes. But it's only located in a particular dead end.

How would I know which one?

Assuming you have checked all prior dead ends, you would know it's a dead end before going into it.

Which fork do I take?

You have the option to save your game and try that out for yourself.


A small hint: The way leading to death gives you a chance to turn back.

I'm at a rock face. What do I do?

Do you have a whistle? If not, too bad.

How do I pass the Terror Beast?

You can either turn back. Or use an inventory item.

How do I pass the tower guard?

Inventory items help. You can try to take him out. Or lure him.

How do I know which direction makes the ship go up or down?

Look at the ship's status screen.

So do I press up or down? Or left or right?

Seriously, don't bother. Use commands.

Vohaul's Asteroid[edit]

Where do I go now?

On the side screens, there are elevators.

How do I avoid the floor waxers?

Just enter a room or elevator.

I was kissed by a spiny alien. Should I continue?

It's the Alien.


The Alien


You decide.

Do I have everything?

Did you check all storage rooms and the fourth floor washroom? Even the clothes in one of the storage rooms?

How do I avoid falling in the acid bath?

The plunger is necessary.

How would a plunger help?

You stick it on the wall.

I keep falling off. Now what?

Minimize the time spent hanging on the wall.

How do I get past the wallbots?

Destroy them. You need a wastebasket, toilet paper, and lighter.

How do I escape the glass container after I've been shrunk?

You need a glass cutter. Hopefully you have one.

If I go to the computer, Vohaul keeps killing me! What do I do now?

On the screen with the glass container, there are vents. You are small enough to enter.

What did Vohaul do when he died?

Activate the clone launch and asteroid orbit decay.

How long do those take?

Clone launch is 10 game minutes; asteroid destruction is 45 real minutes.

That wasn't 10 minutes at all! Are you serious?

Stop playing on fast speeds.

Where is the code to stop the clone launch?

Where do you think it could be? Maybe it's on Vohaul.

Pressing right-up-right-up to go up the stairs is ridiculous! Isn't there an easier way?

Use the diagonal direction PgUp.

What do I do in the pod section with the droid?

Your target is the rightmost pod. There are a number of ways to handle this.

How do I move after launching in the escape pod?

Look around.