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  • ...Vault 87 by providing you with a map; this map also contains the locations of a few other vaults as well if you haven't seen them already. ...h some other side quests if you haven't otherwise determined the locations of the vaults:
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  • {{Header Nav|game=E.V.O.: Search for Eden}} == Domain of Sincerous ==
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  • ...nts and all the added features in the North American and European releases of the game. ...ndoned as a child and was raised by a priest on the planet Rosa. He dreams of becoming a space pirate and traveling through space.
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  • ...f you can't convince him to open the gate for you with a speech check or a Child at Heart perk, he directs you to Paradise Falls. The guard at the gate of Paradise Falls will not let you pass unless you have negative karma. Howev
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  • {{Header Nav|game=E.V.O.: Search for Eden}} ...efense. Otherwise the HP you receive is HP - Defense + 1 down to a minimum of 1.
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  • .... He finally gets the chance to do so, when he is invited to join the crew of the Dorgenark. He is skilled with a sword and also with a gun. Throughout h |'''Home Planet'''|| Eden
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  • {{Header Nav|game=Adventures of Lolo (Game Boy)}} |title=Adventures of Lolo
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  • ...pages. You're informed that Caterina Sforza's husband was working on a map of all the pages, so you've come to Romagana to speak with her about it. Unfor ...In effect, because this memory can be accessed at any time and any number of times, it allows you to get the Fly Swatter [[../Achievements and trophies|
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  • ...ce right away, go to the moon on Palaven after the dream sequence with the child and introducing yourself to the crew, both old and new. ...ts, guns and mods. That includes going to the weapon dock on the left side of Corinthus place.
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  • {{Header Nav|game=E.V.O.: Search for Eden}} The Age of Dinosaurs is the time where large reptiles roamed the Earth. It was the tim
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  • ==Chapter 1: The Era Of Space Travel== ...un to expand their civilization across the galaxy, following a growing web of desolate outposts and industrial supply facilities that have been left behi
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  • * Hyne, a sorcerer/deity, becomes the father of humanity. He gives a part of his power to the sorceresses. The sorceresses' power is passed on through t * The time of the Centra civilization. Centra founds two empires; Dollet to the west and
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