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  • ...'': If enabled, you can give orders to submarines any time they are out of combat. Normally, they are only available whenever they make a radio check. * '''Replenish Air Stations''': Automatically cycles aircraft on patrol when they run out of fuel or are destroyed. Doesn't apply to aircraft sent
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  • ...only be performed through the mech. Vehicles follow their assigned orders (patrol, garrison, capture base) until they either run out of fuel or are destroyed ...derable micromanagement, as vehicles will not auto-repair, and the fragile combat-supply vehicles have a limited radius of service.
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  • [[File:Battle Stations Tactical Combat.png|Battle Stations Tactical Combat|right]] ...strategic map and a tactical fighting game arena, referred to as tactical combat.
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  • ...G). But fighting tanks is not all - this soldier also carries stinger anti-air rockets. Especially useful to counter harassment of enemy helicopters. *Desert Patrol Vehicles: These are the fastest ground vehicles. Equipped with a 50cal and
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  • | {{Psx|R1}} || {{SS|A}} || F-14 air patrol The F-14 air patrol is used to interdict enemy missiles before they hit you and consists of two
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  • ...e air. You are permitted to jump a second time after attacking once in mid-air. ...rk fortress. It is a soldier of the Blade Army of Hell who was assigned to patrol the entrance. You can increase its attack power by collecting the sword ite
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  • This is a tutorial mission, where you are placed directly in a combat situation. ...construct additional Air Factories, although you can build a wall of anti-air turrets on the northern edge of your base. During this time, the enemy wil
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  • {{Header Nav|game=Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation}} ...ying again. He is then reassigned to intelligence duty with the Estovakian Air Force, having the blueprints for the Estovakian Rail Gun, the Chandelier, s
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  • ...the radio tower down.]][[Image:BSP ZeroAirPatrol.PNG|left|thumb|Combat air patrol will catch any additional bombers.]]
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  • ...e all mages casting battle spells (but your mages can only cast high level Air spells, which are generally less exhausting than other paths). ...n), and you have access to Flaming Arrows anyway. Astral, Earth, Water and Air seem better and improve their survivability. Blood, Death and Nature are no
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  • ...slaughtering your family and friends. You were saved by a passing Alliance patrol, and you enlisted with the military a few years later." "The Soldier is a tough warrior, able to deal with a range of combat situations. The Soldier gets improved health, has the widest selection of
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  • |weak=Air Attack ...hips they launch is dependent on the level. Sometimes they can deploy only patrol boats and seaplanes. Other times, [[Battlestations: Midway/Islands of Solom
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  • !width=30%| {{s|Combat|Damage}} | [[../Combat#Debilitated penalty|Stun]] for 9 seconds
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  • This fairly straightforward mission is primarily air combat, and was the only campaign mission to be featured in the game's demo. ...aze attacks. This is quite easy as the Atlanta-class is unrivalled in anti-air power. You also have your TacMap - use it when you're not engaging kamikaze
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  • {{KotOR/Skill|Computer Use|2.|[Computer] Corrupt patrol droid targetting program. (10 spike(s))|C=2}} {{KotOR/Skill|Computer Use|2.|[Computer] Corrupt patrol droid targetting program. (10 spike(s))|C=2}}
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  • ...rd goal is to survive long enough to build two Scud Storms and destroy the Air Fields in the eastern part of General’s Leang base. * After launching the two Scud Storms to destroy as many Patriots around the Air Field as possible, launch your Sneak assault with five Overlords and Jarmen
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  • ...e're expecting heavy resistance, and if the droids can't take out the anti-air turrets, this is going to be one short mission."<br><br>"But we cannot fail If you try to access a droid after engaging it in patrol mode:
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  • | PT || Patrol Boat ...nt for taking down enemy aircraft. They also, however, can be used against patrol boats in particular given their very low armour. AA does no damage against
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  • It's best to use them to capture landing zones and build pads, as well as to combat Rebel infantry. They are ideal for garrisons on your planets. A strong artillery walker that does not perform well in close combat. They do have a blaster defense, which automatically fires at any units wit
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  • [[File:BSP_OrderIssued.PNG|right|thumb|The patrol boat is en route.]] ...is a plane, however, the plane will circle the target in a CAP (Combat Air Patrol). It will automatically engage any enemy aircraft within three kilometres o
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