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  • {{Header Nav|game=Air Combat}} [[File:Air Combat control panel.png|center]]
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  • {{Header Nav|game=Air Combat (1995)}} ...er must take up control of a fighter jet. When the plane is destroyed, the pilot will eject from it. There are seventeen different airplanes to choose from.
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  • ! Controls || Combat || Landing or Refueling ...The direction pad continues to function in the same manner that it does in combat.
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  • {{Header Nav|game=Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies}} ...in Ace Combat 4. This page is dedicated to explaining the story of the Ace Combat world of Strangereal and its denizens.
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  • Combat level one is the simulation battle mode. Use it to get used to the F-14 op ...th the T-11's first. The F-14 takes off from the Enterprise on "automatic pilot" making entry into flight easy. When you go into battle in the next missio
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  • ...t first, but more than useful once mastered. See [[Battlefield 1942/Desert Combat 0.7/Helos flying|flying the BF1942 DC-mod Helos]]. ...hips: AH-64 Apache, AH-6 Little Bird, Mi-24 Hind. Feature front gunner and pilot can fire two different types of rockets. More or less the bane of ground tr
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  • | {{kbd|C}} || Combattre || Combat || Fight an enemy, unless the enemy engages first. | {{kbd|F}} || Fuir || Flee || Flee from combat. Enemies get a free turn, and the party find themselves in a random locatio
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  • ...out things such as the wars. It also makes you unhackable from the faction pilot database in the black market allowing pirates to be unhackable. It comes at ...chance of being hit in combat. This will be explained in more depth in the Combat portion of the guides.
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  • ...ill show the mission level at the top of the screen. The '''Novice''', '''Pilot''', '''Warrior''', and '''Commander''' missions are explained fully in the ...C'''||Computer Attack Control. See the [[Star Raiders/Combat and Targeting|Combat section]].
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  • ...topics". The included sequence of shooting game allows to train with space combat, useful for later chapters. ...at least one party member should have that specific skill. The better the pilot, the higher the probability of avoiding the space pirates.
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  • ...able to equip different sub-weapon systems called '''Wings''' for multiple combat purposes. On the day of test flight, the FX-1 gives an excellent test resu
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  • When in combat, hold down {{kbd|H}}, {{xbox|Y}}, or {{psx|T}} to communicate with your tea ...Defender, by contrast, relies entirely on shielding to absorb attacks its pilot cannot evade, making ion weapons a favourable choice against Defenders. A p
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  • F-Zero pilot number seven makes his comeback into the game. With a great ground mobility [[File:SSBB Falco.jpg|left|250px|Falco Lombardi, Star Fox's best pilot]]
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  • '''Official Description:''' ''High Mobility Multipurpose Combat Vehicle with 4WD. It seats 4 and is armed with a 12.7mm caliber HMG in a 36 Obviously not a combat vehicle in any way, the Quad Bike is mostly used to flank opponents during
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  • Yang Meihua is a Colosseum combatant and wanzer pilot who was born in the People's Republic of Da Han Zhong (D.H.Z.). Meihua live ..., Royd offers him the chance to join and apply his skills in actual wanzer combat.
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  • ...es do not affect the pilot, and all planes carry infinite fuel. Unlike Ace Combat, however, planes cannot take much punishment before going down, and in a fi ...ght click on a friendly unit, this will automatically turn on. Aircraft on combat air patrols will automatically engage enemies that threaten the friendly ta
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  • .... With the availability of higher positioning, the one who can conduct air combat will be the last one standing. But this view that everyone has been holding ...Completed initialization. A new external device has been connected. Start pilot's log? Log completed. So there are many other people. If it's not the perso
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  • ...Integrated Infantryman Equipment and Communications) is a French infantry combat system and is the main infantry unit of Chimera. The FÉLIN is equipped wit ...ble margin. Finally, as the Metal Storm is unmanned, it will never spawn a pilot that the enemy can capture if it is destroyed.
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  • Drugs, when consumed, add roughly 200 Action Points to a pilot. Successive consumption offers diminishing returns. They are very expensive ...by the Galactic Council to protect shipping from the background radiation. Combat is disabled.
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  • ...ved radar tracking system, no ship can beat the Iowa-class in a long range combat, and the large number of 5" secondary batteries provide excellent anti-air ...have them tear up as many Zeros as possible before going down. The SBD AI pilot wasn't programmed for dogfighting much, though, so you'll have to command o
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