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  • ...he Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe/Air Raid|Air Raid]] ...of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe/The Great River|The Great River]]
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  • * [[Samurai Warriors 5/Raid on the Imagawa|Raid on the Imagawa]] * [[Samurai Warriors 5/Battle of Nagara River|Battle of Nagara River]]
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  • * [[America's Army/FARP Raid Tactics|FARP Raid Tactics]] * [[America's Army/HQ Raid Tactics|HQ Raid Tactics]]
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  • ...turn them to their own encampment nearby. The War Chief believes that this raid upon the unsuspecting prison will strike terror into the hearts of those wh ...a force to ransom Zul'jin and his Trolls. The War Chief believed that the raid on the unsuspecting settlement would strike terror into the hearts of those
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  • ...s Scheme|Axel's Scheme]] ([[Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories/Dallos River|Dallos River]]) # [[Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories/Episode 12: Castle Raid|Castle Raid]] ([[Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories/World/To Zenon's Castle|To Zenon's Castle]]
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  • ...ne wall about three steps inland. Simply bring it back to your side of the river to finish this scenario. {{Footer Nav|game=Age of Empires|prevpage=River Outpost|nextpage=Wonder of the World}}
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  • You will already have noticed a river crossing. As you scout it, you find that it is walled off, and if you are n ...and some buildings. Immediately send some villagers to wall off the known river crossing. Your other immediate priorities are gathering food and stone.
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  • ...n and Sanctity. Ignore the enemy galleys and quickly get to the end of the river and get 4 monks off the transport ship. ...priority is Redemption, so you can take over Crema's buildings, but if the River Guard attacks, you will need Houses and ships.
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  • * [[Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars/Raid On the River|Raid On the River]]
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  • ...t hard (impossible if you play it good) for the enemy to attack across the river at all. If you stay put and let the enemy get all the SPs, they will really ...annon tanks) coming already. Go over before they have anything good by the river and set up your defense on their side. Lots of turrets around your LPs like
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  • ...e flag. You will acquire some Transport Ships. Use them to cross the Loire River, and then move your units to the east, as per the scenario instructions. At ...ol of the Loire River. This allows you to fish and transport troops on the river in complete safety.
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  • There are two invasion points. One is a good beach. A river runs inland here. Sending ships upriver is risky at first, because you don' ...it inland until the Yellow cavalry is eliminated. So you raid and raid and raid, and eventually, eventually, Yellow runs out of troops. Then you can push y
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  • ...asts in recent years, and two of the games (''[[Pitfall!]]'' and ''[[River Raid]]'') were originally published by [[Activision]]. *''[[River Raid]]'' (originally released by Activision)
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  • If you absolutely want, you can go all the way back to Trial Road and raid the caves for the Potions and Vials you missed. You will have also noticed ...of coast that's surrounded by rocky spires, and from there, into the thick river and into Atteka Inlet.
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  • | '''Urali?''' The Urali often raid Kurak territory. They come from the southeast somewhere, but we can not fin ...Urali, but a madman. Topuru lives near the <u>Barako</u>, across the deep river canyon to the north, on a little island, all alone."
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  • ...ack 2+ are the same as the [[Atari Flashback 2]]. However, Pitfall, River Raid, Wizard, Caverns of Mars, and Atari Climber have been removed. In exchange
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  • Other than that, there really isn't much to say. Grab what you can, raid when you can, defend when you must. Start building defenses as soon as you ...or you to have one Transport Ship and one Cannon Galleon operating on that river.
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  • Cross the river at Wayneston Ford and destroy their base. Be sure to wipe out their energy '''Mission Briefing:''' Just south of two deep tributaries of the Yorlat River, the enemy is building a base. Expecting us to launch an air assault, the C
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  • ...e west. Raynie suggests a shortcut by the river. As they approach near the river, a Dodo attacks. ...omides the Executioner boasts his confidence to High Colonel Dias that the raid on Alistel will go well with the cover of rain. Dias expresses concern that
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  • The map is comprised of a lot of islands, all connected by bridges and river fords. You start the scenario in the middle. Where to go, what to explore f ...lding walls in judicious locations. Because of the many rivers and limited river crossings, this should be fairly easy.
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