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  • *'''Description''': Just a normal Spanish Bible *'''Description''': A Y-Shaped stick used by the Spanish for many centuries to find water
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  • You step out of the cave and blink in the blinding white light. As your eyes adjust, you realize that what you're staring at really is white! It looks l ...e. You have the choice between solving a word search in German, French, or Spanish. Unless you are familiar with any one of these, there really is no differen
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  • Los Ganados, from the Spanish word ganado, meaning cattle or livestock (some have incorrectly translated ...s that the weapon merchant is also a Ganado. Evidence for this is that his eyes also glow red at night like other Ganados. At night the Ganados will when s
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  • ...training, and has several augmentations placed in him. He has bright blue eyes from the augmentations, and must wear sunglasses to obscure them. He is eag ...provides JC with several augmentation upgrades and canisters. Reyes is of Spanish descent, and is highly respected at the UNATCO headquarters. Like Jacobson,
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  • ...guage to '''Italiano''' (Italian), '''Français''' (French), '''Español''' (Spanish) or '''Deutsch''' (German) - however, this page is only going to cover the ...ave to walk back to the left (the wig will continue to follow you with its eyes), take the matchbox out of your pocket, walk up to the fireplace, put the m
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  • ...e up chained to the man from the cabinet. He is Luis Sera, formerly of the Spanish police. While he seems to know all about the Ashley being kidnapped, he doe ...abs you from behind and starts to choke you, but he sees something in your eyes and lets you go with a warning since you have the "same blood".
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  • You will capture Spanish towns for England, France, and Holland. The order doesn't matter, but remem ...lways, deactivate your auto-trading convoys. Move your combat convoys into Spanish waters. Place them near
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  • It should be noted that, like doctor Loboto, he has two oddly coloured eyes. This adds to the speculation of Bobby Zilch being related to both Oleander ...ep as he winds up seeing his mother as a sexual being through his father's eyes. Disturbed, he finally leaves home.
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  • ...lling: "Just whats I needs. Mo' of ya ''vaqueros''<ref><small>"Vaquero" is Spanish for "cow-boy".</small></ref> trackin' muds ons my clean floors". Tears form in your eyes upon hearing the sad tune played by a rather pretty female elf on her lute.
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