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  • The Phil Cup is unlocked by Sealing the Traverse Town Keyhole. ...Monkey & Magic) || Powerwild x1, Green Requiem x2, Red Nocturne x2, Yellow Opera x5
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  • ...after this, this is a good time to complete some sidequests and take care of business. ...him "no" after it plays the little animation, a new letter will appear on the table. it's repetitive and boring, but it works!
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  • ...ce|width=200px|contents=This bug is fixed in the Game Boy Advanced port of the game.}} ...ars in the character choice screen, he has just disappeared from the game. The only way I've found to fix this is to reset and start from your last save p
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  • ...ves up in stone statues, taking with them all the magical power they used. The statues are placed inside Crescent Island. ...ion at the hands of humans, the Espers create their own dimension and seal the gate.
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  • {{Input List Move|From The Front|{{cade|Qcb}}{{plus}}{{GGButton|Punch}}}} {{Input List Move|Stimulating Fists of<br/>Annihilation|{{cade|Qcf}}{{cade|Qcf}}{{plus}}{{GGButton|Slash}}}}
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  • |Death Warden (Allo Ver)|| Cave on the Veldt ||Weak: Fire, Holy<br>Absorb: Death || Potion || Hi-Potion || Tigerfa |Provoker (Apparite)|| Cave to the Sealed Gate || Weak: Holy, Ice<br>Absorb: Death, Fire, Poison || Holy Water
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  • {{Input List Move|Loop the Loop|{{cade|Hcbf}}{{plus}}{{GGButton|Slash}}}} {{Input List Move|Shoot the Moon|{{cade|Qcf}}{{cade|Qcf}}{{plus}}{{GGButton|Heavy Slash}}}}
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  • ...w to acquire it. If you are having trouble obtaining items, first refer to the [[../Methods|Methods page]]. ...specific rank in order to gain his regular items, such as his Headgear and the Big Bear. You must be past 2nd Dan in order to get these items.
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  • {{Input List Move|Darkness of Ignorance|{{cade|Qcf}}{{cade|Qcf}}{{plus}}{{GGButton|Heavy Slash}}}} {{Input List Move|Loop the Loop|{{cade|Hcbf}}{{plus}}{{GGButton|Slash}}}}
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