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Scorpion will try to attack Jonah Jameson, but when he is disturbed by spider Man he will head towards Spider-Man. When Scorpion is in range of Spider-Man he will use melee attacks, jumping away is the best way to avoid these attacks as Scorpion can't attack Spider-Man in the air.

Your general strategy should be to get out of Scorpions melee range and spam the Web Ball ( Triangle + Up ). You can keep spamming this move till the end of the fight with no problems.


Rhino attacks primarily by ramming into Spider-man, but they can be easily avoidable. The best way to defeat Rhino would be to stand in front of the electric pylons (which are in the centre of the area) then move out of the way quickly. There are also some wooden barrels that can also be thrown at Rhino, to drain his health.



In the boss battle, mysterio becomes huge. Spiderman is located in a three floor area with a towering Mysterio in the middle. In each floor, there are two nodes that are located near the front area of Mysterio's suit, which can be destroyed with a ranged attack. Sometimes, Mysterio would summon huge wheels in the hopes thjat they would squash Spidey, but they can be avoided by moving from level, to level. As well, you cannot stay still in the same area or else Mysterio would you sqash you with his foot or arm.

Doc. Ock[edit]

The main antagonist in the game, along with Carnage. he is protected by a forcefield in the centre of the room, and uses his tentacles to attack.


Monster Ock[edit]

A boss that is exclusive to the game, it is formed when the carnage symbiote bonds with Doc Ock's unconscious body. it cannot be beaten head on, instead Spiderman has to beat Monster Ock by escaping from the underwater before he does.