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Here's Mr. Horrible!

Upon entering Area 3, Undeniable Flying Object is the only kettle found inside the monument-like tower. It is also next to the ramp if players want to escape from that route instead of walking back. It takes place in a modified version of the multiplayer stage Bluefin Depot.

Cap'n Cuttlefish will point out that there is an Octostriker at the depot. There is ink to hide in so the Octostriker will not see you. If it does, the ink will most likely save you. All of the Octobombers will make this even more challenging, however. At the path where it splits, two Octobombers are waiting for you on both sides. The last two will attack, trying to defend the Octostriker at the end before the fight. The armor will help you in this, giving you more hits. All of the Octocopters respawn at the end, making the main enemy the Octostriker.


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