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This part of the game plays much like Star Fox 64. Collect power-ups, silver rings, use bombs, and fire lasers repeatedly.

Using the Staff[edit]

Krystal's staff has many uses, some of which include acting as a switch to open doors, a lever to lift heavy rocks (with rapid pressures of A button) and a means of breaking open crates.

Staff Powers[edit]

Hidden throughout Dinosaur Planet are numerous Magic Caves: the Staff will rumble and glow to let you know when one is nearby. Find a way in, and you can collect an upgrade, adding a new icon to the Staff section of the C Stick inventory. highlight the icon and press A button to use it (to just assign it to Y button).

There are many different Staff Powers to find and collect, but using them reduces the Staff Energy meter. You can refill this meter by collecting gems from the Magic Plants scattered throughout Dinosaur Planet.


To fight a bad guy, press A button to bring out the Staff - this activates the Auto Lock-On mode, forcing Fox to face the enemy and modifying Control Stick movement so that you circle each other (you can break out of the Lock-On by pressing B button).

Pressing A button launches a standard attack, but defeating an enemy in this manner could take a long time...


To earn a victory quickly and with style, you'll need to activate a combo. To do this, just press A button until a combo is activated. You can perform different combos by launching a few initial A button attacks then pulling the Control Stick Left, Down, or Right while continuing to press A button.

Some Staff Upgrades can also be used as part of your attack strategy during combat - to access these in the heat of battle, you must assign them to Y button.

Attack and Defend[edit]

As you attack, a SharpClaw may defend before trying to launch an attack of its own. This is where your X button(Avoid) and Y button (Defend) actions come into play. You can avoid an attack by dodging to the side or use Defend to hold your ground until it's safe to attack again.

Bad Guys[edit]

Dinosaur planet is practically bristling with predatory creatures and plants set on making life difficult. Worse still, some of these foes are resistant to your Auto Lock-On, forcing you to seek out different tactics.

Sidekick Commands[edit]

These are commands that young Prince Tricky can perform on your behalf. As you progress through the adventure, you will be able to gain and use further Sidekick Commands. There are many to collect and plenty of fun to be had in experimenting with them.

Use Tricky's Skills[edit]

You can activate a Sidekick Command when a question mark appears over Tricky's head. Highlight the icon within Tricky's section of the C Stick Inventory, and press A button (these commands can also be assigned to Y button).

If Tricky has enough energy, he'll be able to do as you've asked. If necessary, you can cancel his Commands and call him back to you by using his Heel Command. This command can also be used to call Tricky back to you at any time.

Tricky's Warnings[edit]

Tricky can also inform you of nearby enemies and other characters before they enter your line of sight by displaying an exclamation mark above his head.

Feeding Tricky[edit]

Tricky does, however, require feeding him with Blue GrubTubs. Each Command uses up some of his energy. If he's low on energy and can't execute a Command, Tricky will display a GrubTub symbol above his head. It's up to you to find, catch and feed him GrubTubs. When you are close enough to one, hit it with the staff to stun it, then walk up to it to store it in your inventory.

The GrubTubs are stored within the C Stick Item Inventory. To feed Tricky, highlight the icon, and, when the c Stick Icon is displayed above Tricky, press A button to feed him all of the GrubTubs in your possession until he's full.


In addition to collecting Staff Powers and Sidekick Commands, Fox can also pick up various items, some of which can be used at any time, while others become applicable only within certain areas.

After collecting an item, an icon is displayed within the C Stick Inventory. Highlight the icon and press A button to use it. (Don't forget that you can assign items to Y button.)

As previously mentioned, some items can only be used within specific areas. If you leave the relevant area with such an item still in your possession, its icon on the C Stick Menu will fade to show that it can no longer be used.

ThornTail Store[edit]

Within Thorntail Hollow, you'll find this store and its sole inhabitant, a strange, floating dinosaur knownn as the StoreKeeper. He spends his life roaming Dinosaur Planet in search of interesting items for his tore. He also has a great liking for Scarabs. Be sure to pay many visits to the Store as there will be lots of items on hand that you'll find invaluable...


Press Start button to pause the game and bring up the communicator, which allows you to communicate with the Star Fox team.

  • General Pepper - Displays your current overall status
  • Peppy Hare - Displays the Dinosaur Planet map. This shows your current location (indicated by a Fox head) together with where you should be heading next (a flashing symbol).
  • Slippy Toad - Displays clues and advice. If you get stuck on a puzzle or task, you can always turn to your friend Slippy.
  • Memory Card - Select the Memory Card to save the current game.
  • Quit - Select the Quit icon to exit the current game.

NOTE: Kyrstal only has the Memory Card and Quit options. Also, atmospheric conditions on Dinosaur Planet sometimes prevent you from getting full access to the Communicator options. Continue your journey and keep trying; you'll get through eventully.