Streets of Rage 3/Cheats

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These Cheats & Tips are for Sega Genesis version.

Basic cheats[edit]

  • Round Select: On the main menu hold Up+B on Controller 1 and enter Options. A round select option will appear at the bottom giving you a choice up to Round 6. This option also enables you to play from Round 6 on Easy difficulty (as the game ends normally if you get to the end of Round 5 on Easy).
  • 9 lives per continue: Enter Options and highlight Lives. Press Up + A + B + C on Controller 2 and Right on Controller 1. You may now select up to 9 lives per continue instead of just 5.
  • Play as same characters in 2 Player: On the menu sceen hold Down+C on Controller 2 and select 2 Player. You should hear a sound to show the cheat has worked.

Secret characters[edit]


  • At the end of Stage 2-1 when you fight Roo and Bruce make sure you defeat Bruce without killing Roo. Roo will then be "set free", and will be available to select on the next continue.
  • To play as Roo from the beginning, on the title screen hold Up+B on Controller 1 and press Start. Roo will now be available on the character selection screen before the game starts.
  • Alternatively, enter the GG code MAWA-ALT0 to begin the game as Roo.


  • After beating Shiva at the end of Stage 1, hold B until the next stage starts. He will then be available to select on the next continue.
  • Alternatively, enter the GG code MAWA-AAJ0 to begin the game Shiva.
  • Unstoppable Shiva combo: Shiva is capable of hitting punks (excluding Goldie, Fabio and all bosses except for Jet) until they die by pressing Z without stopping.


  • (Bare Knuckle 3 only) After beating Ash at the end of Stage 1-2, hold A until the next scene. He will then be available to select on the next continue.
  • Alternatively, enter the GG code BAWA-AAA0 to begin the game as Ash.

"Super" characters[edit]

Three of the game's normal characters have "super" versions, that have highly upgraded attack sequences dealing massive amounts of damage.

Super Axel[edit]

Axel has two "super" forms, one with an upgraded special attack, and the other with an upgraded combo attack as well.

  • To play as Axel with an upgraded special, on the character selection screen press C to select the player. When the "Round 1 Start" appears on the screen, sweep the D-pad with quick (approx. 2 per second) clockwise circles until you are able to control Axel's movement while still sweeping for additional 2 seconds or so. Then, press A to verify that he is superpowered. To be successful, it may require a few practice runs.
  • Alternatively, simply enter the PAR code FFFF20:FFFF to begin the game as Axel with both upgrades.

Super Skate[edit]

  • To play as Super Skate, Start the game as skate and allow yourself to lose a life with zero score. When you respawn you will be Super Skate, with a new super-fast powerful combo attack.
  • Alternatively enter the PAR code FFFF1E:FFFF to begin the game as Super Skate.

Super Zan[edit]

In the character select menu hold C on both controllers and select Zan. Or *Enter the PAR code FFFF1E:FFFF to begin the game as Super Zan, with a powerful and super-fast combo attack.

Hidden Items[edit]

In certain places in the game bonus items are hidden behind scenery at the bottom of the screen at the bottom of the screen.

  • Stage 1 Extra Life & Gold Bar: At the start of Stage 1 there is an extra life and gold bar hidden at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Stage 3 Extra Life: Similarly, at the start of Stage 3 there's an extra life hidden behind the scenery on the bottom left.
  • Stage 7B Gold Bars, Apple & Chicken: In Stage 7B's final boss fight with Shiva there are a number of Gold Bars hidden behind the people and cameras. There is also an apple behind the middlemost man's head (you can see the red edges of it), and a chicken behind the camera on the right.