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Box artwork for Super Breakout.
Box artwork for Super Breakout.
Super Breakout
Year released1978
System(s)Arcade, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit, Atari 8-bit, BBC Micro, Atari ST
Preceded byBreakout
Followed byBreakout 2000
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
LinksSuper Breakout ChannelSearchSearch
This guide is for the 1978 arcade game. For the 2004 mobile game, see Super Breakout (2004).
Super Breakout marquee

Super Breakout is an arcade game which was released by Atari in 1978; it utilizes a Motorola M6502 (running up at 375 KHz), and, as the name suggests, it is the sequel to Breakout, which was released two years earlier. There are three different modes to choose from: Double Breakout, the playfield for which contains in fifty-two orange blocks (5-14 points), fifty-two green blocks (1-6 points), two paddles and two balls, Cavity Breakout, which contains in forty-four orange blocks (7-21 points), and fifty-two green blocks (1-9 points), one paddle, and three balls (the second and third of which have to be freed before they come into play) and Progressive Breakout which contains fifty-two blue blocks (7 points) and fifty-two green blocks (5 points), one paddle, and one ball - and the blocks shall be lowered down towards the paddle, at a rate determined by the number of times the ball lands on your paddle, but as the ball destroys them, additional rows of blocks shall appear at the top of the screen and be lowered down towards the paddle at an increasing rate. This is also the only mode for which it's possible for a player to receive an infinite amount of points by playing, but the score display shall roll over at 10000.