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Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Weight Power Notes
Knife/Dagger 50 500 Attack +7
Reach: 1
It is the easiest of the most basic weapons to use.
Short sword 1000 2000 Attack +15
Reach: 2
It is inexpensive and easy to use, and it can attack through walls.
Long Sword 5000 4000 Attack +30
Reach: 3
The price and weight are much higher than a dagger, but the length of reach is useful.
Holy Sword 20000 6000 Attack +50
Reach: 3
The best sword you can pay money for. It's weight will prohibit you from using it too early.
Silver Sword 20000 8000 Attack +70
Reach: 3
This extremely powerful sword is hidden somewhere in Fairy Land.
Fire Sword 50000 3000 Attack +50
Reach: 15
This weapon shoots fire balls, and it's very light.
Light Saber 100000 3000 Attack + 100
Reach: 3
This is the strongest blade in the game, but you have to uncover a secret to find it.
Name Cost Weight Power Notes
Sling 100 1000 Attack: 20
Reach: 5
Light and less powerful, a good starter tool.
Spear 3000 3000 Attack: 30
Reach: 10
A throwing spear with midway reach and power. Can be found for free from a chest.
Small Bow 5000 3000 Attack: 50
Reach: 15
More power than the Spear for the same weight. Good against dragons.
Great Bow 10000 6000 Attack: 100
Reach: 20
The strongest bow with the longest reach, but outclassed by better blades.
Other weapons
Name Cost Weight Power Notes
Clubs 500 1000 Attack +10
Reach: 1
Heavier than a knife, but a little more powerful. Can be obtained for free from a weak enemy.
Ax 4000 5000 Attack +40
Reach: 1
Cheaper than similar weapons that do less damage, but the short reach limits usefulness.
Battle Ax 8000 10000 Attack +80
Reach: 1
More powerful than the Long Sword but its weight and reach make it hard to recommend.

Defense[edit | edit source]

Name Cost Weight Power Notes
Leather Mail 500 3000 Defense +10 The cheapest protection, but heavy. May need to level up before using it.
Chain Mail 5500 5000 Defense +20 An appreciable boost in defense if you can carry it.
Steel Mail 20000 10000 Defense +40 It takes a strong character to be able to carry this strong armor.
Silver Armor 50000 20000 Defense +80 This is the strongest armor, but only the most powerful players can wear it.
Magic Armor 20000 5000 Defense +30 A magic spell makes this armor as light as Chain Mail, but stronger. Find it in a cave.
Fairy Armor 50000 10000 Defense +60 The best armor you can find. Stronger than Steel Mail, but the same weight.
Name Cost Weight Power Notes
Shield 450 2000 Defense +5 The most basic Shield, easier to carry than any armor.
Battle Shield 1000 5000 Defense +10 A good shield for the money, but its weight forces you to choose between the shield and equipment.
Steel Shield 5000 10000 Defense +20 A very heavy shield, you can obtain them for free from enemies.
Life Shield 30000 10000 Defense +30 The strongest shield you can buy. As heavy as a Steel Shield, but stronger.
Fairy Shield 60000 5000 Defense +40 The best shield in the game. More defense with less weight.
Name Cost Weight Power Notes
Helmet 400 1000 Defense +3 The first armor you should buy.
Japanese Helmet 1500 3000 Defense +10 A reasonable piece of armor for the price and weight.
Star Helmet 10000 5000 Defense +15 The best helmet you can buy, but heavy.
Fairy Helmet 20000 3000 Defense +25 The strongest helmet in the game.

Items[edit | edit source]

This does not include any of the so-called "joke items", some of which can be sold at stores for extra cash.

Name Cost Weight Effect Notes
Medicine 50 100 Health +20 The cheapest healing agent, but the least effective. Carry a lot if you rely on them.
Antidote 100 100 Poison recovery If you don't have the Antidote magic, carrying at least one is a necessity.
Bundle of Herbs 10 300 Magic +20 Heavy, but useful, especially if you want to cast Move when you've run out of magic.
Strong Medicine 300 100 Health +60 Three times as effective as regular medicine, same weight but much more expensive.
Expensive Medicine 1000 100 Health +100 The most effective medicine you can buy, but not as economic.
Cure all 5000 100 Full Health There's only one of these in the game, so hold on to it for an emergency.
Cup of Soma 10000 300 Revival If you die within 10 days of drinking it, you will revive with around 20 health points.
Fake medicine 1000 300 Invincibility Drinking this offers temporary invincibility.
Key items
Name Cost Weight Notes
Dragon Fang 20000 500 A king of a reclusive palace is in search of this rare item, which must be taken from its host.
Scroll of Jeem 10 1000 This scroll contains magic words which can restore a lost building.
ID Card 1000 100 Possession of this card can get you into the Water Palace through the front gate.
Cloud Stone 500 200 People who hold this stone can float safely through the clouds to the ground below.
Horn 10000 500 A musical instrument which holds the secret to revealing hidden villages.
Statue of Varalys 5000 500 You must obtain this statue from Varalys itself. Without it, you cannot enter the Time Door.
Exit Talisman 10 500 Once you enter the Time Door, you cannot escape from it without this talisman.
Space Compass 5000 1000 Without this, you may wander endlessly through space while looking for a spaceship.
Space Suit 10000 10000 Needed to explore space. Has defensive armor power of +40, but nothing else can be worn.
Time-space Talisman 10 500 This talisman is needed to access a different dimension.
Holy Water 10 500 Holy water has the power to break magical seals.
Misc. items
Name Cost Weight Notes
Money Exchanger 5000 500 Coins are heavy. This exchanger reduces the weight of your money to the least possible.
Cross of God 10000 1000 Increase defense by +15, while not weighing too much.
Warrior Stone 5000 1000 Increase attack power by +15. Also allows for rapid attacks.
Camping Gear 200000 5000 Using this incredibly expensive (and heavy) item is like staying at an inn anywhere in the world.
Cats Eyes 10000 1000 Has the same effect as the Flash spell, lighting up the entire screen of dark caves.
Magic amulet 25000 1000 Doubles the duration of the spells that you cast. Fighters and Thieves should sell it.
Bank card - 100 Once you open a bank account, you can use this to withdraw and deposit funds.
Lamp 10000 1000 This is a light source for dark caves, but you need fuel to use it.
Oil 500 500 The least effective lamp fuel, it only illuminates one tile away.
Super Oil 1000 500 More efficient fuel for a lamp, it light up to two tiles away.
Ration of Food 250 500 Vital to your survival to stave of hunger, it restores 30 lost hit points.
Coins 10/100/1000 10 Coins come in 10, 100, and 1000 denominations, but they all weigh 10 grams. You can hold up to 255 of each type.