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  • Location: First floor. At the start of the game, you will see some doors that you cannot open, but luckily there is one with an unmarked star on it. Enter the door and jump into the painting.
  • Description: A battlefield with Goombas, Bob-ombs, and the Big Bob-omb.
  • Bob-omb Buddy: At the start of the course, you will see two Bob-omb Buddies. After getting the first star, the Bob-omb Buddy next to the cannon will activate all the cannons for you.

Bob-omb Battlefield is the first course in the game. When you enter Peach's Castle go left up the small stairs and through the door. Jump through the painting straight ahead.

Star 1: Big Bob-omb on the Summit[edit | edit source]

Super Mario 64 DS
Since Yoshi is the first playable character, you will play as him. The Big Bob-omb will throw Bob-ombs at you, so eat them, then spit them out. You can also make an egg and shoot it at him. Do it three times to get you the star. If you play as Mario, Luigi, or Wario, you have to throw a Bob-omb at the Big Bob-omb.

To get this star, you must climb to the top of the mountain and battle King Bob-Omb. Start by going up the bridge, then take a sharp turn left. Go past the Chain Chomp, then cross another bridge, then go right. Run up the grassy incline, then walk counter-clockwise around the mountain until you get up to the summit. Here you will meet the Big Bob-Omb.

To defeat this boss, run around behind him, grab him, pick him up, and throw him three times. He will attempt to do the same to you, so beware. For your victory, King Bob-omb will give you a well-deserved star!

NOTE: King Bob-omb will only take damage if you throw him to the ground on the summit. Throwing him off of the summit inflicts no damage.

Star 2: Footrace with Koopa the Quick[edit | edit source]

Super Mario 64 DS
Koopa is looking for Mario. If you use any other character, you will need to find a Mario cap. Find it on the map; a Goomba will be wearing it, and killing the Goomba lets you grab it. When you have transformed, go back to Koopa the Quick to start the race.

Koopa the Quick is found near the first bridge. Talk to him and he will challenge you to a race to the top of the hill. Beat his time of 90 seconds and he will give you a star. Using the cannons or the Wing Cap is considered cheating, so follow these tips to beat him:

  • Long jump when possible
  • Use the warp in the first set of flowers
  • Use the warp in the first alcove

Note: If you do use a warp, you can't let Koopa the Quick see you while doing this, or he will still think you're cheating and refuse you the star.

Star 3: Shoot to the Island in the Sky[edit | edit source]

Talk to the Bob-omb Buddy (the Pink Bob-omb) and he will open the cannon. Jump into the cannon then shoot yourself out without aiming. You should land at the tall white cannon. Jump into this cannon and aim a little above the tree on the floating island. Shoot yourself out and you should hit the tree, thus remaining on top of the island. Alternatively, you could use the cannon on the side of the mountain. Make sure you aim yourself toward the tree so that you do not hit and island and skip off. There is a "!" box on the floating island that contains a star.

Star 3: 5 Silver Stars! (Nintendo DS)[edit | edit source]

To make the star appear, collect the five silver stars (which are shown on the map). To make things easier, we've given the exact locations.

  1. On top of the tree near the first bridge.
  2. Behind the Chain Chomp, which is running loose around the field.
  3. Near the area with the four wooden posts, there is a Goomba with the star. Kill the Goomba to release the star.
  4. In one of the flower fields.
  5. A Goomba near the block with a mushroom has the last one.

The star is near where you start.

Star 4: Find the 8 Red Coins[edit | edit source]

A map of Bob-omb Battlefield, with all the red coin locations marked out.

There are eight red coins to find in this course. You must have unlocked the cannon to do this.

  1. For the first coin, go straight and to the left and jump onto the moving platforms. At the top is the first red coin. Note that the platforms flip over at the top: Jump up before it flips.
  2. On your left is a Chain Chomp. Trace his chain back and you'll find a pole with a red coin on top. Wait outside of the chain chomp's reach until he's lunged at you, then run past and grab the coin.
  3. The next coin is located in The Field to your right. There are two rocky outcroppings. The farther one has the coin on top of it. Run up the side to acquire it.
  4. Fourth is on top of the Floating Island. Use the cannon on top of the other rock to shoot up. Aiming straight up will drop you right on top. The red coin is above the tree.
  5. Hop into the cannon and aim yourself over the Mountain, slightly to the left. You should end up in a grassy plain, with the mountain trail nearby. Shortly up the trail, there should be a split: off to one side is a slide with a red coin on the way down. This coin may take several tries: It may help to jump out onto the slide. Or, start at the bottom of the incline and run up to it WITHOUT JUMPING. If you fail, take the mountain path back up around.
  6. Moving on, right through the gate and next to the Battleground is a small bridge. Drop down onto the RIGHT side (looking out towards the field), and in the alcove is a coin, a switch, and a life. Grab the coin and 1-Up!
  7. Backtrack to the Paddock. In this field are the last two coins, as well as the star shadow that marks where the star will appear.

This star was moved to Star 6 in the DS remake.

Star 4: Big Bob-omb's Revenge (Nintendo DS)[edit | edit source]

  • Character requirement: none.

To beat this level you have to go to the place where you first beat King Bob-omb and beat him again. To beat him, you have to sneak behind him and grab his back by pressing the punch button. Throw him to the ground three times to kill him.

Do not throw him off the cliff, because it doesn't harm him, and he will jump back up and say that it is illegal to throw the king out of the ring and you must start the fight over. In the N64 version, when you throw him off the summit he says it's against the "Royal Rules" to throw him out of the ring while in the DS version he just says it's against the rules.

Star 5: Mario Wings to the Sky[edit | edit source]

Super Mario 64 DS
To beat this level, you need to be Mario, and you need to have already triggered the ? Switch.

To get this star, you must first shoot yourself, via the cannon, up to the island in the sky. If you've completed the Tower of the Wing Cap, there will be a red ! box with a wing cap inside. Grab the cap and hop into the cannon on the island. Aim for the rings of coins, and if you get the center coin from each of the five rings, a star will appear in the field below.

Alternatively, you can get this star without using a wing cap. It requires at least three cannon shots to be done, however.

  1. The first shot should be aimed at the center coin in the coin ring, this should lead you on a ballistic trajectory that will grab the first three coins.
  2. Aim the second shot at the top coin in the ring, this arc will get the fourth coin that you need.
  3. The final shot is harder to aim. It should be aimed horizontally where the center coins were, but pointed high enough so that the top two coins in what remains of the ring are just outside the cannon's circular field of view. Alternatively, after jumping in this cannon, do not move. Simply fire in the direction it points and you will get the coin.

Star 6: Behind Chain Chomp's Gate[edit | edit source]

From the start of the level, go over the bridge and run towards the large Chain Chomp. Ground-pound the pole holding the Chomp there three times, and the Chomp will run away after smashing the gate in front of the star. Just walk over and jump at the star to obtain it. This can also be the first star In the DS version, Luigi can just use the power flower to turn invisible to go through the gate (you can also try this in the silver stars mission), and because of Wario's weight, he can just ground-pound the stake at once, and if any character is under the effect of a Super Mushroom, they can pound the stake once to, and Chain Chomp can't hurt them.

This star was moved to Star 7 in the DS version.

Star 7: Get 100 Coins[edit | edit source]

Super Mario 64 DS
The route has a few changes in the Nintendo DS version. Mostly the changes involve enemy numbers, so if you just kill all the enemies in a given area without paying attention to how many there are, you should be fine. You only need 6 coins from the sky, the Bob-omb manning the cannon is no longer there, and some Bob-ombs are changed to Goombas, but the general method remains the same.

As with every main course in the game, collecting 100 coins earns a star.

There are many, many ways to collect 100 coins. This is one such route. Note: It is advised to get this star on stars 3-6, and after you have unlocked the Wing Cap.

  1. Right when you enter the level, head to the brick blocks right in front of you. The left one contains three coins.
  2. Go down the path and stomp on the two Goombas, which give you two coins.
  3. Below the bridge, there are five coins laid out in a neat line.
  4. Head to the field just beyond that bridge. There is a Koopa Troopa there, and if you manage to hit him, you can get his shell. Hit him again, and a blue coin - or 5 yellow coins - comes out.
  5. Go all the way around the field stomping on Goombas. You can get six coins from them in total.
  6. There is a Bob-omb near Chain Chomp that will give you another coin.
  7. Get into the cannon, shoot to the floating island, and get the red coin on top of the tree.
  8. Grab a wing cap and fly around, collecting the coins in the sky. You need at least 10.
  9. Go back down to the field, and go along getting three red coins.
  10. Run past Chain Chomp and over the tilting bridge to the paddock, and get two more red coins.
  11. Get the three Goombas for three more coins.
  12. There are four posts in the field. If you run around one of the posts three times clockwise, five coins jump out. You can do this for each of the posts for a total of 20 coins.
  13. In the Battleground, there are 4 Bob-ombs, with 4 coins.
  14. In the corner of the world, there is a flower bed, surrounded by 8 yellow coins.
  15. Go down to the little alcove, where there is another Bob-omb.
  16. Another red coin is here as well.
  17. Press the ! Switch and the gates open. Run out the gates and get four coins from the four Bob-ombs.
  18. Run back through the gate and start climbing the mountain. After a short while, you will come across a grassy plain with a single Bob-omb.
  19. At the end of that plain is a slide, with a red coin.
  20. Climb back up the mountain, and head past the first warp to another Bob-omb. You will have to be careful here, as the coin can easily drop off the side of the mountain.
  21. 5 coins are in a neat line near the cannon that the Bob-omb was manning.
  22. A little further on, there is a cannon that you can use, and five coins next to it. You should have at least 100 coins by now, and the star appears right over your head once you get the 100th.

1-Up Locations[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of where to find all three green mushrooms in Bob-omb Battlefield.

  • There is a tree next to the cannon by the Koopa Troopa. Climb to the very top and a 1-Up will start chasing you around.
  • Get the coins surrounding the flower bed in the corner of the battleground. The 1-Up will appear out of the flower bed afterwards.
  • Next to the "!" switch that opens the gate by the falling cannonballs.