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Mario's minigames are action-packed. They include line drawing, Mario falling, and Koopa shells!

Mario's Slides[edit | edit source]

Guide Mario down the slides to the Star. Draw lines on the Touch Screen to create new routes for him. Collect 5 Stars to move up a stage.

Use the Stylus and the Touch Screen to make a new route. Also, there are two yellow arrows that will make Mario move faster if you touch one. Each time you get the Star, you continue on the same Level, with the lines you've drawn still there! When you've collected 5 Stars, you move on to the next Level. The old routes is removed, and it gets harder!

Bounce and Pounce[edit | edit source]

Mario's in free fall, but he can bounce back if you touch him. Stomp the Fly Guys, but make sure he doesn't fall off the Touch Screen.

In this minigame, there are three Marios in free fall and Fly Guys flying around in the screens. The goal is to stomp on all the Fly Guys, touch Mario on his left, right or center to make him bounce in that direction. You can only let Mario fall off the Touch Screen three times!

Sort or 'Splode[edit | edit source]

Guide Bob-ombs to the black carpet and Bob-omb Buddies to the red carpet. If you bring in a wrong colored Bob-omb, it will blow up!

Of course, it starts out simple and easy. Use the Touch Screen to move the Bob-ombs to the right colored carpet. Black Bob-ombs go on the black carpet, and Bob-omb Buddies go on the red carpet. At first, it there's only one gate open. Soon, they other gate is open, and the Bob-omb start coming in sets to two, then three! There are short pauses for every 40 Bob-ombs or Bob-omb Buddies. Don't ever put a Bob-omb on the wrong carpet, or all of the Bob-Ombs on that carpet will explode also!

Trampoline Time[edit | edit source]

Draw a line on the Touch Screen to turn it into a trampoline. You can draw up to 3 lines at a time. Help Mario bounce to safety!

Use the Stylus and Touch Screen to make a Trampoline. In this minigame, you have to get Mario to the lit up door. There's a big trampoline at the bottom, and it can only be bounced on 3 times. When it's gone, you'll have to be careful not to let Mario fall! Mario can only fall off the screen three times. At some point, you will hear rumbling sounds and the walls will move up a little.

Shuffle Shell[edit | edit source]

Use the paddle to push the Koopa shells to the target. The closer the shells land to the center of the target, the more points you will earn.

In this game, you have to try and get the 5 Koopa shells on the target with the paddle. The closer a Koopa shell is to the center, the more points you'll get! But be careful, if you hit a Koopa shell too hard, you might hit another shell off the target!

  • Outside of the target: 0 Points
  • Blue: 100 Points
  • White: 300 Points
  • Red: 500 Points
  • White Center: 1000 Points
  • Red Center: 2000 Points

Bounce and Trounce[edit | edit source]

Mario surrounded by Fly Guys to trounce. Touch him on his left, right, or center to make him bounce in that direction.

This minigame is similar to Bounce and Pounce. But instead of Levels, it will go on and on! The High Score is the highest amount of Fly Guys stomped on. The Fly Guys will come in different sizes, and some will fly around. They can be in the top screen also! You can only let Mario fall off the Touch Screen three times!

Connect the Characters[edit | edit source]

Draw lines to match the characters' heads to their bodies. Press "GO!" when you're finished to see how you fared!

There are toys that have their heads removed! To put them together, use the Touch Screen and Stylus to create a new route for the heads. After getting a Star, the lines you made will still be there! Each time you get 5 Stars, you go on to the next Level, and the routes you made is removed. At first, there's Mario and Yoshi. At Level 2, Luigi joins in, making it a little more difficult. Wario comes in at Level 3, and soon there are horizontal lines already drawn: then you really have to think!

Shell Smash[edit | edit source]

Hit Koopa shells together to score points. Hit many in a row for more points. Score even higher points by smashing green shells together.

This minigame is similar to Shuffle Shell, but you have to smash shells together to get points. If you smash a green Koopa shell with another green shell, you'll get more points! You'll only have 5 green Koopa shells.

Trampoline Terror[edit | edit source]

Only players with superb stylus skills will be able to make Mario bounce through the rings!

This minigame is like Trampoline Time, but instead of getting to a certain area, you have to get Mario through the rings! Use the Touch Screen and Stylus to draw a line that'll become a trampoline! Big trampolines don't make Mario bounce as high, and a trampoline can only bounce Mario once. (Except for the large one at the bottom, that can only be bounced on 3 times. After that, It's gone.)