Super Smash Bros./Yoshi

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Yoshi has very few saving qualities, but some of his strengths include his unique abilities. Yoshi's tailwhip attack, smash attacks, and dash attack are incredibly slow and normally can be easily avoided. When Yoshi's smash attacks connect, however, they are pretty powerful and can send players quite a ways. His "throw" attack, executed by extending his tongue and sucking in unwary opponents, is also incredibly slow an easily avoided. The throw is, however, one of the more powerful throws in the game.


A button Jab
Left control+A button
Right control+A button
Dash Attack
Light Up control+A button Upward Tilt
Light Down control+A button Downward Tilt
Light Left control+A button
Light Right control+A button
Forward Tilt
Hard Up control+A button Upward Smash
Hard Down control+A button Downward Smash
Hard Left control+A button
Hard Right control+A button
Forward Smash
Aerials (used in the air)
A button Neutral Air Attack
Up control+A button Upward Air Attack
Down control+A button Downward Air Attack Yoshi's most powerful move (the Flutter Kick), a move that can deal up to 56% damage to opponents if the entire attack connects. The move doesn't propel opponents downward like Kirby or Fox's Drill Kick, however, making it less effective.Unlike most multi-hit attacks, this one goes up by threes instead of ones but it hits less times.
Ssb masterhand.jpg Left control+A button Forward Air Attack
Ssb masterhand.jpg Right control+A button Backward Air Attack


Buttons Attack Explanation
B button Swallow Yoshi eats an enemy and lays an egg with them inside. If Yoshi is at a fair distance to a ledge, he can use this attack to turn opponents into an egg, and, if executed correctly, the opponent will fall to his death before he can escape the egg.
Down control+B button Ground Pound Yoshi pounds the ground, doing 18% damage to those underneath and 2 or 3% damage to those close to him.This is a very powerful attack that can send opponents flying.Doing this move under a pit will result in instant death, no matter what.This is probably one of Yoshi's strongest moves, so beware! To catch you're opponent off-guard, do this move on the ground. This is probably Yoshi's quickest attack.
Up control+B button Egg Throw This attack allows you to throw an egg at enemies and is unique in that it creates shrapnel damage upon landing, making an otherwise easy grab for opponents more difficult. When executed properly, this attack can be incredibly annoying and even effective as an edge-guarding technique. The eggs can be employed much the same as other players' aerial back kicks, preventing a player from regaining his second jump, and forcing him to use his third jump until he can't make it back onto the map.