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Basic Techniques[edit]

Ground Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button Mr.G&W attacks with a can of bug spray. A real weak attack. So weak in fact that a character at 999% will barely move when hit by this attack.
A buttonA button Greenhouse rapid fire. Same attack power as the normal one.
Forward + A button Holds a chair in front of him for a second. Knocks back opponents a bit.
Dash + A button Dons a helmet and slides forward head first
Down control + A button Mr.G&W throws the lid of a manhole off the ground. Fast, and knocks opponents high in the air, making it good for starting combos, as well as for killing lighter opponents at higher percentages. A staple of G&W's ground game.
Up control + A button Swings a flag above him. Relatively quick and decent knockback, but only hits above G&W.
Smash Forward + A button Torch enemies with a.. torch. Charge it up for a poweful attack. Fairly powerful and has decent range.
Smash Down control + A button G&W lays the smackdown with two hammers. Knocks opponents in the air with its sweet spot, has minimal knockback if the opponent is too close.
Smash Up control + A button G&W dons a helmet to smack people with. Sends opponents skyward. Slow and hard to land, but sends your opponents very high.
A button (While lying down) G&W gets up, and jabs his hammer in front of him, then behind him.
A button (Hanging off a ledge) G&W gets up, then swings his bell (The one from his taunt) in front of him.

Aerial Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button G&W deploys a parachute briefly. All parts of G&W's body and parachute do damage. Unlike most other neutral airs in the game, this does not lose damage the longer it's out. Slow (especially for a neutral air) and can't be L-cancelled, but it's the most powerful neutral aerial in the game.
Forward + A button Thrust a box out in front of you. Good attack in general as it has above average range, deals solid damage, and can be L-cancelled.
Back + A button Swings a turtle behind him. Hits three times, minimal knockback. Can't be L-cancelled.
Down control + A button G&W shoots a key downward from him. Has bad landing lag but can be L-cancelled. The first few frames of the move can meteor smash, but it is inconsistent. Otherwise, this move is slightly above average.
Up control + A button G&W exhales two blasts of damaging air. The second blast deals more damage than the first, so time it so the second hits the enemy (the first will knock your opponent upwards, keeping them away from the second blast).

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Chef Throw five sausages at varying angles from a pan. Can be continued by mashing the B button. This move halts Mr. G&W's vertical momentum in the air, and can be used for sliding to the ledge for edge-guarding.
Up control + B button Fire Two firefighters carrying a stretcher appear out of nowhere and launch G&W upward. He can damage enemies on the way up. Provides a decent recovery as it gives a large amount of horizontal distance, but little vertical distance.
Down control + B button Oil Panic G&W reveals a bucket for about a second. The bucket can be used to catch energy attacks, such as Fox/Falco's lasers, Samus charge shot, or Pikachu/Pichu's thunderjolts (not, for example, Samus's missiles). When the bucket contains three projectlies, a powerful blast can be projected from the bucket, damage and knockback proportional to what went into the bucket. The bucket will retain it's "oil" even if G&W is KO'd.
Left control (Right control) + B button Judgement G&W slams a gavil forward and holds up a sign with the number 1 to 9 on it.
  1. G&W takes 12% damage and the enemy 1%;
  2. Enemy takes 2% damage, pitiful;
  3. Enemy takes 3% damage. Does a ton of shield damage;
  4. Enemy takes 4% damage;
  5. Enemy is electrocuted, takes 10% damage, and shot upwards;
  6. Enemy is sent at a semi-spike angle. Does 10% damage and has good kill capabilities offstage;
  7. Enemy is hit for 15% damage and food appears. If you have items off it won't appear;
  8. Enemy is frozen and takes 2-3% damage;
  9. Home Run Bat-equivalent damage, instant KO even at 0% damage, can even KO metal Giga Bowser with a super mushroom.


Button(s) Description/notes
Down control G&W juggles the opponent, and throws them downwards.
Forward G&W throws the opponent up and forward.
Up control G&W throws an opponent straight up.
Back G&W throws an opponent up and backwards.