Super Smash Bros. Melee/Training

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Training Mode.

Training mode is a simulation of a human vs. computer melee. In training mode you can access a menu that has the things that you would normally change in the custom rules section in the Vs. Mode menu. Except you can change the camera mode, the damage of the computer, items of large numbers can be accessed and game speed(From 1/4 to X2)


In the pause menu, you can access various options to change the game. Note that when you access the menu, the game doesn't pause.

Modifies the speed of the game to (how fast everything moves, including the cursor in the menu) with the x2, x1.5, x1, x2/3, x1/2, or x1/4.
Allows you to make items appear. Press left and right to choose an item, and press A to make the item appear.
No. of CPs
Changes the number of computer characters to 1, 2, or 3.
Changes the behavior of the computer character to Stand, Walk, Evade, Jump, or Human.
CP Damage
Allows you to change the damage of the computer character to anything from 0 to 999. However, unlike item, you don't press A to set the damage, the damage is set when you unpause. (so every time you pause it resets the damage)
Sets the camera mode to Normal, Zoom, or Free.
Puts all the characters back in their original positions and resets damage.