Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Items

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In the NES version, items are replenished after you leave an area, so you can take the same slice of pizza over and over. This is not necessarily true of other versions of the game.


Each weapon upon being picked up will supply 20 of that weapon.

Shuriken Triple Shuriken
TMNT NES sprite shuriken.png
Does 1 bar of damage. Travels all the way across the screen.
TMNT NES sprite 3 shuriken.png
Triple shuriken - Same as shuriken but you get a three-shuriken spread. Since they're better than standard shuriken, they're less common.
Boomerang Kiai
TMNT NES sprite boomerang.png
Does 1 bar of damage. They only travel a short distance before going in reverse. If you catch it, you regain it. If you don't, it travels across the screen exactly as a shuriken. If you switch characters and catch the boomerang, that switched character will obtain the boomerang, replacing other inventory.
TMNT NES sprite scroll.png
Does a whopping 2 damage. These scrolls only appear in certain locations and cannot be retrieved by enemies, unlike the other 3 weapons. They travel across the screen and covers a wide range. The best weapon in the game.


Pizza Slice Half of a Pizza
TMNT NES sprite pizza slice.png
Grab a slice of pizza to recover two bars of your health meter.
TMNT NES sprite pizza half.png
Pick up a half of a pizza to recover four bars of your health meter.
Whole Pizza Rope
TMNT NES sprite pizza full.png
If you collect a whole pizza, all of your missing health will be restored.
TMNT NES sprite rope.png
Used to cross buildings. Found in areas 3 and 4, although they're only required once in area 4. Each rope item gives you three ropes.
Missiles Invincibility
TMNT NES sprite missile.png
Used to destroy barricades or Roller Cars in area 3. Each missile item gives you ten missiles.
TMNT NES sprite invincibility.png
Kill enemies on contact when this is in effect. Used automatically when you touch it. They are most extremely rare.