The Black Sage/Before entering the castle

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Character creation[edit]

When you start the game, the first character is always the same. When this characetr dies and a new ones are generated, they will actually be random.


Adventure attributes are use to check the outcome of different events.

  • Intelligence quotient (IQ): check if you can read or interpret what you see.
  • Luck: some events purely depend on it.
  • Dexterity: check if you can do some action that requires coordination.
  • Charisma: check how you interact with others.

Combat attributes are used only if you are attacked by an enemy.

  • Strength: it determines which weapons and shields can be equipped.
  • Constitution: whenever your character gets injured, he/she loses some consitution

Role-playing a class[edit]

The general rules of Tunnels & Trolls includes three classes, but The Black Sage includes none.

  • If your character's highest attribute is strength, he/she can be considered a fighter.
  • If your character's highest attribute is intelligence quotient, he/she can be considered a wizard.
  • If your character's highest attribute is dexterity, he/she can be considered a thief.

You can imagine that your character is a thief who wants to rob the Black Sage's castle, or an adventurer on a trial to prove his/her worth.

Getting equipped[edit]

You start the game with 900 Gold Pieces to spend in equipment. You should better spend as much as you can: any unspent gold is ignored when the final score is calculated. That is, only the riches you actually found inside the castle contribute to your final score.

Magic spells[edit]

Once you learn a spell, you can cast it every time the game allows you, without using it up.

Letter Name Cost Effect
B What a Blast 400 A powerful attack spell.
W Where Art Thou[1] 200 Reveals the location of hidden objects.
S Seal Shut 100 Prevents some enemies from reaching you.
D Detect Magic 100 Reveals an illusion.
  1. The game includes plenty of typos and grammar errors. "Where for" means "why", but the "Where(for) Art Thou" spell is used to locate things.

Weapons and armour[edit]

Most combats are the consequence of choosing the wrong action in a room. You can visit all the 36 castle rooms in one go without fighting any battle.

Default sorting is by minimum required strength, then by price.

Weapon N. Name Dice Add Cost Strength Durability Avg. dmg.
Hafted 1 War hammer 4 4 250 17 675 18
Sword 1 Bastard sword 3 2 195 17 500 12,5
Hafted 2 Light flail 4 1 225 15 500 15
Sword 2 Broad sword 3 0 140 15 400 10,5
Hafted 3 Francisca 3 4 150 13 500 14,5
Sword 3 Falchion 2 3 125 13 350 10
Sword 4 Common sword 2 1 110 12 310 8
Sword 5 Cutlass 2 0 100 10 285 7

It is wise to purchase at least the cheapest armour: in case you are attacked, you can survive one round, and then run from combat with no penalty.

Armour N. Name Hits Cost Strength Durability
Shield 1 Tower shield 4 300 14 100
Shield 2 Knight's shield 3 225 12 85
Shield 3 Normal shield 2 150 10 75
Armor T Total set 3 140 0 75
Armor G Gambeson 2 90 0 50