The Black Sage/Items

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Quest items[edit]

Each item occupies a fixed line in your inventory sheet.

Item Location Use
1) Powder jar 1 R.06 R.10 (fire elemental): 50 points
1) Powder jar 2 R.06 R.25 (plants): 35 points
1) Powder jar 3 R.06 R.05 (sword): GAME OVER
1) Powder jar 4 R.06 R.05 (sword): VICTORY!
2) Large diamond R.27 (D, luck check) R.13 (mirror): VICTORY! Worth 1000 gold coins
3) Purple butterfly R.12 (A, dex check) R.25 (plants): 35 points
4) Fire lizards R.03 (C) R.07 or 08 (towers): VICTORY!
5) Magic ankh R.26 ("Where Art Thou") Useless, but accompanied by 200 gold coins