The Black Sage/Paths to victory

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Castle exits[edit]

There are three different exits from the Black Sage's castle. None of them requires to face the Black Sage himself (he is invincible, anyway).

Sword exit[edit]

  • Room 19: talk to the man and get a clue to one exit.
  • Room 6: get the item as instructed in room 19.
  • Room 5: use the item (option E). You get no extra points.

This is the exit that gives the lowest score, even if you obtain a magic sword.

Mirror exit[edit]

  • Room 28: talk to the old man and get a clue to one exit.
  • Room 2: chase away the ghost (option D), then read the scroll for another clue; it requires a die roll against intelligence quotient, though.
  • Room 27: cast "Where Art Thou" or look for traps; the latter case involves a luck roll.
  • Room 13: use the item (option E). You will also get 50 points upon leaving the castle.

Tower exits[edit]

  • Room 14: watch the puppet show and get a clue to one exit.
  • Room 3: talk to the fire lizards, and they will follow you.
  • Room 7: climb the stairs, then talk to the your lizards again. You will also get 50 points upon leaving the castle.

If you choose the other tower (room 8), you have to pass through room 24. In that room, you have to pass a die roll against intelligence quotient, and if you fail, you will either lose all your gold or lose your life.

Score calculation[edit]

If you manage to exit the castle (alive), all the treasure you collected is converted into points.

When you reach an exit room, check your inventory before leaving, so to see your experience score.

  • Every gold coin is worth 1 point (exception: any gold coins that were unspent before entering the castle are ignored);
  • every jewel is converted into the corresponding gold coins, then you get 1 point per gold coin;
  • every mithreal coin is worth 10 points;
  • every 10 silver coins are worth 1 point;
  • extra points can be awarded through hidden mechanics.

Your "money points" total is shown, and then it is added to your "experience points", but the sum is left hidden. This is why you should check your inventory in the last room before leaving: to see your experience score. All that the game will let you know is whether your total score is higher than 3000 points (then, your score is lowered to 2999, but this would have been relevant only if any direct sequel to The Black Sage was ever released).

Therefore, your goal is to get a final score of at least 3000 points.

High score walkhtrough[edit]

Map of the Black Sage's castle.
The vertical "room tiers" in this guide have been highlighted.

Buy the four spells and a leather armor gambeson. You will enter the castle with 10 gold coins in your pouch.

  • #Room 1, B, dexterity roll: get 20-30 points, another 30 points and 10 mithreal coins (if your dexterity is far lower than your luck, choose A, but you will get 20 points and nothing more).
  • #Room 29, A: get jewels worth 200 gold coins (and charisma +5). (Avoid rooms 24 and 8.)
  • #Room 9, B, then G: get your gold coin back, plus 40 mithreal coins.
  • #Room 5, B or C: leave unharmed.
  • #Room 16, C: get 50 points.
  • #Room 21, D: get 35 points and 1000 silver coins.
  • #Room 6, A: get a jar of powder (elemental fire extinguisher).
  • #Room 27, C: get 50 points and the diamond.
  • #Room 15, B: leave.
  • #Room 4, B or C or D: leave.
  • #Room 14, B: get a clue.
  • #Room 33, D: leave.
  • #Room 10, E: get 50 points.
  • #Room 32, A: get 170 gold coins, 900 silver coins, gems worth 110 gold coins.
  • #Room 2, A or D: get 25 points, 75 gold coins, 11 mithreal coins.
  • #Room 34, A or D (or C): leave.
  • #Room 12, A, dexterity roll: get a butterfly and 20-30 points.
  • #Room 20, D: get weapon +1 die and charisma +2.
  • #Room 17, D: get 75 points and 2 gold coins.
  • #Room 36, B: get 35 points.
  • #Room 26, C: get 200 gold coins and the magic ankh.
  • #Room 18, any, then offer all your gold coins: get back your gold and leave. If your dexterity is good, go to room 22; if it is low, skip to room 3.
  • #Room 22, A, dexterity roll: get 20-30 points, plus another 26 points.
  • #Room 3, C: get the fire lizards.
  • #Room 25, B if you have the butterfly: get 35 points. If you were unable to catch the butterfly, choose A, then run from combat after one round (your armor should protect you).
  • #Room 23, D, then 4, then N: get 100 points and 50 mithreal coins.
  • #Room 35, D: get get 300 gold coins.
  • #Room 11, A or C or D: leave. B, intelligence roll: chance to learn a spell (if you purchased less than all of them, otherwise the game may crash).
  • #Room 28, D: get a clue.
  • #Room 31, D: leave.
  • #Room 19, D: get a clue.
  • #Room 13, B: leave (you still have two rooms to visit).
  • #Room 7, A or B: leave (you still have one room to visit).
  • #Room 30, A or D (or B): get 1 gold coin.
  • #Room 7, I (check your current score), then C, then 4, then Y: get 50 points and exit the castle.

You should have about 920 points (plus or minus 30, depending on your three dexterity rolls), 1900 silver coins, 458 gold coins, 111 mithreal coins, jewels worth 310 gold coins, a large diamond (worth 1000 gold coins), a magic ankh (worthless). You will get 3358 points for all the treasure you collected. Added to your "experience" score, it results in about 4280 points!