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This is it, the last level, and the hardest of them all! Shoot the heads as fast as you can and be ready for any surprises. Two bosses return and the last boss comes in.

Boss: Chariot #2[edit]

Kill this boss the same way you killed him last time. His life drains faster, so the battle will be faster.

Boss: Hanged Man #2[edit]

The way to beat him is a little bit easier. Now, when he sends out his bats, shoot them, then shoot him as fast as you can. If done right, all his bats should die. Now, kill him the same way you killed him last time.

Boss: Magician[edit]

This is the hardest boss of them all. His weak points are his twitching veins. On his first attack, he will fly in front of you and throw some fire balls. For this attack, shoot his fire balls, then when he throws from both his hands, shoot the veins. On his next attack, he will fly at very fast speeds and then fly right at you and try to hit you. For this attack, shoot him as soon as he flies at you. On his last attack, he will crouch down and throw many fire balls into the air, and will come flying down at you. To handle this, while he crouches down, shoot the veins as fast as you can. When he throws the fire balls, shoot the ones in the center (the ones on the outside fly into the center, too). After doing all this, he will explode and you will have won!


The game has two endings at the end of the game depending on how well you played. The different endings are omitted in the PC and Saturn ports.

  • Good ending: The doors open and Sophie is alive!
  • Bad ending: The doors open and Sophie is a zombie!