The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Versions

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General Changes[edit | edit source]

Item Super Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Screen Resolution 256 × 224 240 × 160
Sleep Option No Present: Press L button + R button + Select button to wake up
Triforce opening Unskippable
Screen flashes many colors
Screen flashes white
Introductory Story Plays during attract mode
Plays during a new game
Dungeon Names No Displayed upon entry
Item Menu Every Bottle shares one position
Bottle contents displayed in submenu
Items highlight by a green circle
Each Bottle has its own position
The Shovel takes the Bottle's old position.
Items highlighted by a green parenthesis
Secondary Item Indicator Next to Magic Meter Next to Heart Meter
Maiden text Scrolls Erases
Starting a saved game May start in the Mountain Cave
May not start where you last saved
May not start in the Mountain Cave
May start from the last save location
Stones and Skulls Only the normal variety Sparkling stones and skulls can be found
Striking sparkling stones release Rupees and supplies
Striking sparkling skulls creates lit bombs.
Spin Slash Destroys 8 tiles around the center Destroys 9 tiles, including the center
Diving No May now dive underwater briefly
Ending Triforce Speech May not speed up text Text may be sped up
Pyramid of Power No hole at the east A new hole at the east leads to a new dungeon (the Palace of the Four Sword) if properly unlocked
Riddle Quest No A third lumberjack, Q. Bumpkin, has been added
Item Menu: "?", next to the Piece of Heart chart

Audible/Visual Changes[edit | edit source]

Item Super Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Chopping down a sign No Newly added sound and graphics
Link's voice No Young Link from Ocarina of Time can be heard during certain actions
Kakariko Village Theme Also plays outside the Blacksmith House and in south outskirt area Only plays in main village area
Dropped Bombs and Blocks Silent They make noise if they fall down a hole
Walking in Misery Mire Unique footsteps sound Same as water footsteps sound
Selection Screen Link is inanimate Link is running
Super Bomb No animation The bomb pulsates while being dragged or set
Maximum Rupee/Bombs/Arrow Text remains white Text turns yellow
Faerie Queens Items thrown in remains stationary Items thrown in bob up and down
Health Meter The text "- Life -" is visible above the hearts No text is present above the hearts
West of the Dark Palace Grass is formed in the shape of an arrow pointing to the skulls where you must use your Hookshot A small broken bridge extends across the water to help you see the skulls on the other side
Witch's assistant Wears a hooded cloak Maple from Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons
Struck enemies Flash a variety of colors Flash gray

Weapon/Item Changes[edit | edit source]

Item Super Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Swords May not pick up any items
May not chop down signs
May not break pots/skulls
May pick up items by swinging your sword
Master Sword and above may chop down signs
Only a Level 4 sword may break pots/skulls
Lamp May not damage an enemy May damage an enemy
Boomerang's cutting ability Cannot cut signs, grass, or bushes Boomerang: signs
Magic Boomerang: signs, grass, and bushes
Arrows May spawn before obtaining the Bow
May not break anything
May not spawn without having the Bow
Wooden arrows can break one pot/skull
Silver arrows can break an entire row
Magic Powder No effect on pots/skulls Destroys pots/skulls
Magic Hammer May not destroy stones, skulls, or bushes May destroy bushes, light colored stones, and skulls
Shovel May only shovel left or right
Replaced by the Flute once you find it
May shovel up or down as well
You keep the Shovel after you find the Flute
Flute No new landing points may be added A new warp to Turtle Rock is available
Fire Rod Does not burn bushes May burn an entire row of bushes
Collecting Magic Items No effect Refills your magic meter

Dungeon/Enemy Changes[edit | edit source]

Item Super Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Desert of Mystery Original frequency and speed More numerous and faster
Dark Palace Kodongos' fire is visible in the darkness Kodongos' fire is only visible in your lamp's light
Ice Palace The Cane of Somaria can be used early, and use it to complete the Ice Palace puzzle quickly The Cane of Somaria cannot be used to complete the Ice Palace puzzle as the rooms are altered
Turtle Rock Heart Piece The enemies in the cave are Goriyas The enemies in the cave are Eyegores
Traditional Like-Likes No Present near the Dark World Shield Shop

Naming Changes[edit | edit source]

Item Super Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Special bee Good Bee Golden Bee
Fairies Faerie Fairy
Dash item Pegasus Shoes Pegasus Boots

Miscellaneous Changes[edit | edit source]

Item Super Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Faerie appearing music First four chords play every time First four chords only play the first time
Lamp light cone Cone is visible until one torch is lit Cone is visible even after a torch is lit
Land Mines Dashing over a mine detonates them Dashing over a mine does not detonate them
Link's gloves Changes color according to lifting power Fixed at basic color
Bunny beams When turned into a bunny, you have a green tunic regardless of armor color When turned into a bunny, the color of your tunic matches your armor.
Bunny Link Link as a Bunny may not open treasure chests Link as a Bunny may open treasure chests
Cracked walls After the hole appears, dust falls from the hole No dust falls from the hole
Red Rupee-giving trees Obtainable every time you save, reset, and continue Obtainable once per save file
Golden Bee Must be captured from the Ice Cave east of Lake Hylia May also be purchased from a brand new shop in the Village of Outcasts
Dark World Shop The shop west of the Pyramid of Power sells a Red Shield, a Bee, and 10 Arrows The shop west of the Pyramid of Power sells a Blue Shield, a Red Shield, and the Mirror Shield, but only if the Mirror Shield was obtained and lost
Dark World Talking Trees All trees spit out a bomb the first time you touch them, then you may talk to them You may talk to them, but only the angry ones will spit out a bomb
Defeated Zora items Bombs from defeated Zoras sink into the water Bombs from defeated Zoras float above the water
Fairy appearance Original rate Increased frequency
Hyrule Cemetery Unjumpable down over any stones Jumpable down over stones on the Magic Cave grave
Treasure Field Heart Piece Must leave the room and return to reset before retrying May jump over the fence at the right, and walk back to retry, leaving all of the holes already tried
Chris Houlihan Room The telepathic tile is present
Original room name
Reachable by various methods
The telepathic tile is removed
The room is called "Top Secret Room"
Unreachable without an emulator or cheat device