The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords/Unlockables

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From "Four Swords" to "A Link to the Past"[edit]

Riddle Quest[edit]

To unlock the Riddle Quest in A Link to the Past you must obtain 10 Triforce Medallions in Four Swords.

Palace of the Four Sword[edit]

You must beat Vaati at least once in Four Swords in order to be considered "a true hero" and be allowed into this dungeon in A Link to the Past.

From "A Link to the Past" to "Four Swords"[edit]

Unlock Sword Beams[edit]

Zelda FS unlockable Sword Beams.png

Simply retrieve the Master Sword in A Link to the Past to unlock Sword Beams in Four Swords.

Unlock the Hurricane Blade[edit]

Zelda FS unlockable Hurricane Spin.png

Complete the Riddle Quest in A Link to the Past. This move will then be available in both games.