The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening/Bosses

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This is a list of all the bosses. They are present at the end of their respective dungeons.


LADX Moldorm Sprite.png


Location: Tail Cave
Guards: Full Moon Cello
Description: An armored centipede who dislikes outsiders and scuttles around his lair.
Battle Difficulty: 1.5/10
Zelda LA Moldorm battle.png

Boss of the Tail Cave. Moldorm is a worm-like monster. There are many places to fall off, so be careful. If you do, climb back up, and start over. Simply repeatedly strike the end of the tail. As you keep hitting him, he will continue to go faster. If he slows down, you have to start over. After you beat it, you get the Full Moon Cello.


LADX Genie Sprite.png


Location: Bottle Grotto
Guards: Conch Horn
Description: A magical menace who only grants wishes of mischief.
Battle Difficulty: 2.5/10

Boss of the Bottle Grotto. Genie is a tricky boss, and the fight with him has two parts. During the first stage, he will come out of his bottle and shoot balls of fire at you. Dodge them by running, though it is much easier to use Roc's Feather. When he goes back in his bottle he will hop around and try to crash into you. Slash the bottle with the sword to stun him, then pick it up with the Power Bracelet and throw it to damage him. After three throws the bottle will break. Once it breaks, the Genie will be enraged and move around the room quickly, shooting fire at you. Slash him with your sword a few times to kill him. After you beat him, you get the Conch Horn.

Slime Eye[edit]

LADX Slime Eye Sprite 1.png
LADX Slime Eye Sprite 2.png

Slime Eye

Location: Key Cavern
Guards: Sea Lily's Bell
Description: A giant slimy creature who remains invincible as one monster but vulnerable as two.
Battle Difficulty: 3.5/10

Boss of the Key Cavern. When you go into the room, Slime Eye is nowhere to be seen, and Bits are falling from the ceiling. Ram into a wall with the Pegasus Boots to dislodge him from the ceiling. Do not stand under the shadow, or else Slime Eye will land on you. Ram him with your Pegasus Boots (sword out) to cut him in half, creating two eyes, which will jump up and land, causing an earthquake that will stun you. Jump to avoid the tremor. Focus on one eye at a time, hitting it with your sword. When one's been destroyed, do the same to the other to beat Slime Eye. After you beat it, you get the Sea Lily Bell.

Angler Fish[edit]

LADX Angler Fish Sprite.png
LADX Angler Fry Sprite.png

Angler Fish

Location: Angler's Tunnel
Guards: Surf Harp
Description: A giant fish that eats anything and anyone to settle its voracious hunger.
Battle Difficulty: 0.5/10

Boss of the Angler's Tunnel. Angler Fish dwells in a water-filled cove deep inside the dungeon. When you reach it, climb into the water and use your sword on his esca (the glowing sphere resembling a lure) that hangs from its forehead to kill him. Beware of his ramming attacks, and the stones he knocks down when he uses them. Also, destroy the Angler Fry which appear throughout the fight, because they will protect Angler Fish. After you beat the giant fish, you get the Surf Harp.

Slime Eel[edit]

LADX Slime Eel Sprite.png

Slime Eel

Location: Catfish's Maw
Guards: Wind Marimba
Description: A tricky eel that toys with its prey. It hides in holes to conceal its heart.
Battle Difficulty: 5.5/10

Boss of the Catfish Maw. When you go into the room, Slime Eel opens four holes in the walls, and his tail comes crashing out from the middle. His tail constantly moves around the room, but you can avoid it by going in a corner. When his head appears in one of the holes in the wall, use the Hookshot to pull it out. After doing so, attack his heart with your sword. Occasionally, though, the head can be a fake, and will explode after a few seconds. Repeat this until the boss has been defeated. After you beat him, you get the Wind Marimba.


LADX Facade Sprite.png


Location: Face Shrine
Guards: Coral Triangle
Description: A face that can manipulate its surroundings and appears in evil domains.
Battle Difficulty: 5.5 (phase 1) 0.5 (for phase 2) /10

Boss of the Face Shrine. Facade is essentially just a face in the ground. All that must be done to hurt him is drop bombs upon him. No damage will be done if he's not visible when the bomb explodes. He will create holes in the floor, which you should avoid falling through. After you beat him, you get the Coral Triangle. In phase 1, Facade throws tiles and pots at you. Note that the pots do 1 1/2 hearts of damage, and avoid them at all costs. In phase 2, he makes holes in the floor, but otherwise poses little threat, and can be swiftly defeated with bombs. Just in case, bring a secret medicine if you are anxious.

Grim Creeper and Evil Eagle[edit]

LADX Evil Eagle Sprite.png
LADX Grim Creeper Sprite.png
LADX Big Keese Sprite.png

Grim Creeper and Evil Eagle

Location: Eagle's Tower
Guards: Organ of Evening Calm
Description: Grim Creeper's formidable pet. His steel feathers, sharp talons, and giant wings strike fear in all comers.
Battle Difficulty: 6.5/10

Boss of the Eagle's Tower. This is a two boss combo, but Evil Eagle does all the work. You meet Grim Creeper early on the game, but he flees. When you take the pillar down, you can fight Evil Eagle. The battle is simple to understand, but hard to do. His main form of attack is swooping down at you. When he does this, slash him with the sword, or hit him with the Hookshot. He also will try to blow you off the platform-make sure to put as much distance between you and the edge as you can. Occasionally, this move is accompanied by the throwing of feathers, which can be blocked with your newest shield. The reward for beating him is the Organ of Evening Calm.

Hot Head[edit]

LADX Hot Head Sprite.png
LADX Hot Head Sprite 2.png

Hot Head

Location: Turtle Rock
Guards: Thunder Drum
Description: A hot-tempered, lava dwelling monster that can set himself ablaze.
Battle Difficulty: 8/10

Boss of the Turtle's Rock. Don't fall in the lava—it hurts. When Hot Head jumps up, fire your magic rod at him as many times as you can. The colliding fire will knock out his own. He will try to evade you, and attempt to dive back into the lava. Keep hitting him with firey blasts to prevent this. Eventually, Hot Head's armor will fall off. Continue hitting him until you wipe him out (beware, when he falls back into the lava, it splashes from the pool). After you beat him, you get the Thunder Drum.

D. Poon (DX Version)[edit]

LADX D Poon Sprite.png

Giant Hardhat Beetle

Location: Color Dungeon
Guards: Special Great Fairy
Description: A blue-domed, magic-casting Hardhat Beetle. If his dome ever turns red, he will explode.
Battle Difficulty: 5.5/10
Zelda LA Dungeon C room D-2.png

D. Poon is the boss of the Color Dungeon in Link's Awakening DX. he constantly warns Link to take his time, because the dome on his head will grow progressively hotter with each sword strike, and with time, D. Poon will cool down. You must strike it quickly and successively for it to change colors from blue to yellow, and then to red. Use arrows or the Magic Rod if you have obtained them yet. Another method is to equip Roc's Feather, and use it to jump over its attacks and strike it multiple times with your sword. D. Poon will fire off energy orbs while you attack, so watch out. When he reaches yellow, he will summon yellow Stalfos to protect himself. The moment you turn his dome completely red, D. Poon will explode.

Beating him will give you access to a Great fairy that will offer you a blue or red Tunic.

Dethl: Nightmare King[edit]

Dethl's true form
Lanmola form
Ganon form
Moldorm form
Agahnim form

Dethl: Nightmare King

Location: Wind Fish's Egg
Imprisons: The Wind Fish
Description: The evil Nightmare leader. He will stop at nothing to create a world where he rules supreme.
Battle Difficulty: 10/10

Dethl, the Nightmare King, is the final boss of the game. There are six stages that represent mainly past challenges from A Link to the Past. First, he morphs into a Giant Bot that jumps slowly towards you. You can defeat it easily sprinkling magic powder on it 3 times. After that, he will morph into Agahnim, from A Link to the Past. You can only hurt him by bouncing back his magic spheres with a sword hit. Beware, sometimes he shoots small spheres that explode when they collide or are hit. After taking enough damage, he will morph into Moldorm with the same attack pattern as before. When you defeat it, Dethl will turn into Ganon (in his A Link to the Past incarnation). He will attack with his trident, tossing it at you with a spining movement and then teleporting to catch it. When he starts spining his trident without tossing it, a horde of flaming bats will materialize and attack you one by one (you can avoid them using the Hookshot). When you hurt him enough, Dethl will become Lanmola and start chasing you quickly, but you can destroy it with a spin attack. After that, Dethl reverts to his true form: a huge eye with two spinning morningstar arms that can only be avoided by jumping. You can hurt Dethl only when he opens his eye, either with arrows or the boomerang. When you use the boomerang, there is no reaction in the eye, but you ARE damaging him heavily (the boomerang can sometimes kill him with one or two attacks). When you defeat Dethl in his final form, you will have cleared the game. Congratulations.