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If you successfully make it to Oregon, you will receive a score based on how well you did.


People Score
Health Value
Good 500
Fair 400
Poor 300
Very Poor 200

Your most important resource is the people you have with you. You receive points for every party member that makes it to Oregon. Your score per person is based on the overall health of your party.


Resource Score
Resource Value
Wagon 50
Ox 4
Spare Wagon Part 2
Set of Clothing 2
Bullets (each 50) 1
Food (each 25 pounds) 1
Cash (each 5 dollars) 1

Any supplies you arrive with in Oregon are worth the following.


Occupation Bonus Multiplier
Occupation Multiplier
Banker x1
Carpenter x2
Farmer x3

You get a bonus multiplier to your score based on your occupation.